In Bangkok, there are a few Harrods Cafés and Harrods Tea-Rooms.

The two different concepts offer different menus and environments.

We were invited to  the latest Harrods Café at Mercury Ville, which is conveniently located next to Chidlom BTS. Fun fact: This is the only Harrods outlet outside of London, that has an ice-cream parlour!



It was really tough deciding which flavour to get. The Lemon Mint was refreshing and such a lovely treat on a hot Bangkok day. Feel free to sample  every flavour before you make your decision.


The pot pies are hot favourites too.


What is a spot of tea in Harrods without scones?


Gorgeous looking treats!


Lovely seating for you to enjoy your ice-cream. Such a pleasant way to rest your legs after shopping up a storm, don’t you think?


The truffle mushroom soup was a real treat. You can  smell the truffle the moment the server brings it to you! This went really well with the pot pie.


The beef pot pie  came with lovely chunks of tender beef. Comfort food at its best.


Another signature item: fish and chips! The recipes are all from the main Harrods  outlet  in Knightsbridge, London, so you can be guaranteed of a very authentic experience.



It is only at the Mercury Ville branch that they serve a toast menu. We ordered the Carbonara Toast and it was so good. The amazing thing is, the toast does not get soggy at all, mainly because it is kraftkorn toast. A very savoury treat.


We had the cappuccino, and a really refreshing Amber Iced Tea, that was made from a blend of peaches, passionfruit, lime and Jasmine tea. I’m still dreaming about my Amber Iced Tea even though it has been a few days since I’ve had it. You can also order it to go. You will have no better  drink to battle the heat than this! They are also famous for their green tea frappuccino.


A must-order is their soft serve, which can be served on its own, or with a drink! The soft-serve was creamy but not cloying, one of the best we’ve had.

We definitely recommend visiting the cafe for brunch. It would provide a great start to your day! Other than the amazing food and dessert, you will definitely enjoy the beautiful setting and the excellent service. It’d also make a nice surprise and treat for a special someone.

Visit the branch at Mercury Ville if you want to try the ice-cream and toast menu. Remember, this branch is the only one outside of the Knightsbridge, London branch to offer an ice-cream parlour!

[Bangkok] Harrods Cafe @ Mercury Ville