All of us are stuck in Singapore and can’t travel to Thailand to enjoy authentic Thai cuisine. We feel it too and hence decided to go around Singapore to dig out all the hidden gems selling Thai food with familiar authentic flavours that are not “watered” down to suit the general public. Let’s go!

#1 Sap Ubon Thai Cuisine


Sap Ubon Thai Cuisine is hidden right in the basement of Golden Mile Complex. I bet you didn’t know that the basement even exists. At Sap Ubon, what you get is a replica of what you would typically have on the streets of Thailand – simple yet delicious Thai street-food-style cooking with intense flavours. Don’t let the decor of the shop deter you from entering because you will definitely regret if you don’t.

Here’s our recommendation:


1) Basil Seafood with Rice [S$8; S$12 – ala carte].


2) Thai Roasted Pork Ubon [S$12] and 3) Spicy Thai Grilled Pork Salad [S$12].


4) Tom Yum Seafood Soup [S$12].

Every single dish served here is super on point to our taste palates and may I recommend you a drink to wash everything down. Get their Thai Lime Tea (Cha Manao) [S$2]. It’s so good that I couldn’t resist but to get another cup.

Opening Hours: Daily: 2pm – 10pm
Address: Golden Mile Complex, #B1-08 (Just look out for the stairs with Diva neon sign), Singapore 199588 [Map]

Nearest MRT: Nicoll Highway
Contact/Whatsapp: 9778 0064 (Reservations advisable)

#2 Thai Food Near Me


Thai Food Near Me is not near me because I live in the West. They are hidden within the industrial offices in Tai Seng but gather a substantial crowd during lunch hours. Portions served are also huge considering the price. They have only 18 items on the menu, not a lot but they do the basics right.

Here’s our recommendation:


1) Mookata Pork Rice [S$5.50] and


2) Panang Curry Rice (if you can take spice) [S$6.50] / 3) Green Curry Rice [S$6.50]

Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday: 10:30am – 8pm; Friday and Saturday: 10:30am – 8:30pm
Address: 1010 Tai Seng Ave, Singapore 534417 [Map]

Nearest MRT: Tai Seng
Contact/Whatsapp: 8283 7148

#3 Warm Up Cafe


Warm Up Cafe is situated along the small Mackenzie Road. This is one of those places where the Thai community likes to gather because of the ambience and food. As you enter, you will be greeted by familiar Thai vibes but you wonder where everybody is only to find most of them chilling behind at the outdoor dining garden. It will bring you back to the nostalgia at hipster/vintage Thai night markets which we all miss. This arrangement is especially good for the current environment since customers now prefer “alfresco” settings. They recently opened a new outlet at The Star Vista in Bouna Vista, offering the same food, same vibes but double the size!

Here are our recommendations:


1) Boat Noodles Pork/Beef [S$7.50]. This is probably the best Thai Boat Noodles I have tried in Singapore because it’s thick and flavourful, similar to what you get in Thailand.


2) Creamy Crab Omelette Rice [S$10]. This is the option for rice lovers.

They have a huge array of items on their menu and we can’t wait to be back to try more!

Outlet 1: Mackenzie
Opening Hours:
Daily: 12pm – 4am
Address: 110 Mackenzie Road, Singapore 228708 [Map]

Nearest MRT: Little India
Contact/Whatsapp: 8723 2332 (Reservations required on weekends)

Outlet 2: The Star Vista
Opening Hours:
Daily: 12pm – 4am
Address: 1 Vista Exchange Green, #02-10/11, Singapore 138617 [Map]

Nearest MRT: Bouna Vista
Contact/Whatsapp: 80287323

#4 Fern Fern Thai Food


Fern Fern Thai Food is hidden inside a Thai-themed coffeeshop along Paya Lebar which you might not even notice because their signboard is not prominent. at Gateway East, along Beach Road. The food here is relatively affordable and if you get their sets, it’s even more value-for-money. We tried their signature dish and were blown away by it. It’s not common but is now one of our favourite creative Thai dishes around.

Here’s our recommendation:


1) Dry Tom Yum Seafood [S$9.90].

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 11am – 2:30pm
Address: Gateway East #B1-01, Singapore 189721 [Map]

Nearest MRT: Nicoll Highway
Contact/Whatsapp: 92367986, 92850663

#5 Xin Yang Thai Food


Xin Yang Thai Food is a well-kept secret of mine and I have followed and seen them shifting all around Woodlands since 2001. They are now located in a coffee shop just opposite Republic Polytechnic. It’s a shop that doesn’t focus on its outlook but serves extremely good home-cooked food. I would say that they have perfected their rice dishes and it’s one of those places where I have frequent cravings for. You also need to try their chilli belachan, which is damn good and packed with a strong kick of spice!

Here’s our recommendation:


1) Thai Fried Rice with Seafood [S$5.50] (look how fresh their prawns are)! Their fried rice is filled with wok hei and I would say this is best fried rice in Singapore for me.


2) Fried Chilli Chicken with Egg [S$5.50]. This is their specialty and you can’t find it anywhere else.

Opening Hours: Daily: 11:30am – 3pm; 5pm – 8pm (Closed on Saturday)
Address: Blk 806 Woodlands Street 81, Singapore 730806 [Map]

Nearest MRT: Woodlands
Contact/Whatsapp: 9737 6985

All the above-mentioned recommendations have been awarded our brand new “AroiMakMak sticker”.  If you make the effort to go down and try the food, do take a photo of your food or with our sticker and tag us at “#AMMRecSG”. We will be launching some campaigns soon and some of you might be able to walk away with some free meals or even dine with us!

Enjoy your AroiMakMak food and look out for our future recommendations, if we can find any new ones!