At Tsukiji Outer Market, there is  no shortage of food. The array of food available is unbelievable.

I was actually very full but when upon seeing  such a long queue while walking past,  I could not help but be curious as to what they were selling.


The aroma  from this shop was strong and fragrant, enough to make you queue for about 20 minutes for the food.


They are actually a bakery and upon further research, the bread sold  was  actually from Hiestand Swiss Gourmet Bakery. There were huge machines in the shop for baking and all the bread / croissants sold here were actually very fresh and they were sold the moment they were  out from the oven.


So, it really depends on your luck to see what is available when it’s your turn to order.


From far, I could see which 3 items were the most popular. I set my mind on ordering them. However, vanilla croissant was not available.


Say hello to Anko Gipfel. It’s actually Red Bean Paste Croissant, the best selling item here. You have to eat this fresh and I did so. It was so soft, warm and delicious that I could have a second serving despite the amount of food I had eaten previously.

I bought a few back for breakfast the next day. But, you really have to heat it up before eating because it’s only nice when it’s eaten warm.

[Tokyo] Hiestand Swiss Gourmet Bakery at Tsukiji Outer Market