We were on our way to Holistic Medical Centre to do a Full Body Medical Check-up and I was actually quite nervous, not knowing what to expect (injections, tubes, needles, etc…). Thank God, there was no pain throughout the check-up. In fact, the technology is so advanced that nothing is being inserted into your body! I will explain more in detail later.

Holistic Medical Centre - Front Desk

So, we are finally here at Holistic Medical Centre! It is an innovative medical centre that offers a holistic medical approach to health care, treatment and prevention of diseases. Instead of treating the consequential symptoms of a disease, holistic medical approach probes extensively for its cause while simultaneously examines and analyzes problems in the body.

At Holistic Medical Centre, they use highly advanced technology capable of detecting irregularities at the cellular level and identifying the state of your overall health condition before a disease manifests its symptoms. Sounds very good for me!

The look and feel of the Medical Centre is indeed quite relaxing and it’s not like a hospital. It is  more like a well-established clinic.

Holistic Medical Centre - Interior Holistic Medical Centre - Lounge

While waiting for our treatments, we were asked to fill up a form and were  given some healthy juices to drink. I had Green Apple Juice.

Holistic Medical Centre - Green Apple Juice

It’s now my turn to enter the room!

Diagnosis 1 – Molecular Resonance Imaging Technology (MRIT)

MRIT is a high-technology physical examination device based on valid medical science principles. It is  a quick, non-invasive method that provides many clinical results without exposing the body to harmful radiation.

Basically, I just had to put on the headphone and the device was  able to detect and interpret my brain signals. All I heard were  just beeping sounds and the computer scanned through every part of my body.

As I saw red markings on my various parts of organs, I became worried! Oh no, it seems like my body is in super bad shape! Thankfully, the red marking is actually normal! What a relief!

Holistic Medical Centre - MRIT

Diagnosis 2 – Max Pulse

A simple device was attached to my finger to measure the following:

Heart Rate, Pulse Wave, Eccentric Constriction, Arterial Elasticity, Remaining Blood Volume, Wave Type, Mean Heart Rate, Atherosclerotic Progress, Stress Score, Stress Levels and other indices.

Holistic Medical Centre - Max Pulse

Diagnosis 3 – Life Blood Analysis (LBA)

This is just like normal blood test where they take a tiny drop of blood from the tip of your finger and analyze it under a dark field microscope.

By observing the patterns of blood components and composition, early symptoms like liver impairment, arteriosclerois, vitamin deficiencies, excess fat and protein in the blood from poor digestive function, and other conditions can be discovered before irrevocable health damage takes place.

The analysis revealed that I had lack of sleep and water and was also feeling stressed. Indeed, I only had 3 hours of  sleep the night before.

Holistic Medical Centre - Life Blood Analysis

Diagnosis 4 – ALCAT Food Intolerance Test

ALCAT (Antigen Leukocyte Cellular Antibody Test) is a test of hidden allergy performed to check food and chemical sensitivities (up to over 150 different foods and 20 food additives). Food provides nutrients and energy to human body if your body can’t accept it, it will be harmful and start to have symptoms such as fatigue, runny nose, rash, allergy, migraine, etc.

Test results can reveal causes of a variety of diseases such as psoriasis, migraine and fatigue. Antibiotics and drugs should be stopped at least 4 days prior to the test.

This is the room where they put me comfortably, to DRAW MY BLOOD! Yes, 10ML of blood into a syringe. Ok, the process was very fast and all I just felt was an ant bite.

Holistic Medical Centre - Treatment Room

Treatment – Hyperthermia

Hyperthermia is an infra-red treatment that is similar to heat radiation from the sun, which is filtered by water in the atmosphere. Once the heat reaches the skin, where the blood circulates readily and freely, there is a rapid distribution of warmth to the whole body and the core temperature of the body can be raised to 39 °C.

The radiation generated by water-filtering is able to penetrate human tissue deeply. The cell membrane is hence more absorbent to nutrients and capable of a better waste and toxin disposal, making the body’s immune system stronger.

I had to go nude and then lie on this bed for 30 minutes while the infra-red is turned on.  Don’t worry, you will be covered by the wraps and the staff won’t see your naked  body. Throughout the treatment, you will just feel hot and sweaty. No pain at all!  A female staff will be in the room with you throughout the session, solely to ensure that you are okay.

Holistic Medical Centre - Hyperthermia

Doctor’s Consultation

After all the diagnosis and treatments, we had a one on  one consultation with the doctor where she went  through the report with me- on my  body’s condition, which organ was good / bad, what to take note and so on. Of course everything was in English.

Holistic Medical Centre - Doctor Consultation

They still have many other kinds of diagnosis and treatments apart from those that I went through. Here are some of their treatment rooms.

Holistic Medical Centre - Treatment Room Holistic Medical Centre - Treatment Room

The trip to Holistic Medical Centre was  a very fruitful and informative one. I’m amazed by the advancement of technology and that all screening done was non-invasive and pain-free!

After the consultation, it sort of gave me a wake up call. Thankfully, my body is in good condition and I do not have any sickness.  But still, there are some things which I still need to take note:

  • amount  of exercise
  • water intake
  • amount of sleep
  • the way and speed at which I chewed!

For the majority of us who are free from sickness now, we still have a choice on how we want our health to be – healthy or unhealthy. For some, they are not as privileged as compared to us.

Prevention is better than Cure. Take control of your life now!

Holistic Medical Centre - Staff Holistic Medical Centre - Media

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Services and Promotions

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