Seenspace Thonglor 13 was once a popular venue as it housed popular brands such as Roast and Mr Jones Orphanage previously.

Some of you might still come to Seenspace to look for Roast because many blogs and websites did not update their information. Honey has taken over the space and I did not regret stepping in.


Their location is one of the best because of the full glass panels allowing natural sunlight to enter.


The interior was completely different from Roast as well. There is  more wood now to probably match the colour of Honey.


This is their signature cold brew which I did not try because the other drinks were  more attractive.


Iced Honey Camouflage [120฿] – Since I was  in a Honey Restaurant, it made  sense to try their signature honey drinks. I liked the lightness of the drink, with hints of honey, making it a refreshing drink.


Peanut Butter Cup  [200฿] – The name might sound thick and  nutty but in actual fact, it was refreshing and slightly fruity.


Honey Glazed Wings  [160฿] – I love chicken wings. Now, it’s glazed with honey. This combination gives you a mixture of savoury and sweet flavours. It’s not the best chicken wing I have tasted but it makes a good appetiser.


Eggs Benedict  [250฿] – Eggs Benedict is a favourite item that almost everyone coming to a cafe will order. This version comes with pork, which is different  from the normal smoked salmon or ham. It was alright but felt that it lacked the flavour of hollandaise sauce.


Chicken Waffle  [380฿] – One of the more expensive items on the menu but glad we ordered this because this caught us by surprise. The chicken was crispy and tender and placed on top of a very unique waffle.


The waffle is unique because its a croissant waffle!!! Oh my god! If you have been following AroiMakMak, you would have known that I love croissants. This definitely made me fall in love with this dish.


Honey Bun with Mixed Berries  [240฿] – We  always need something sweet to end our meal happily. This was beautiful + delicious! The flavours and textures were all on point! If you don’t like mixed berries, they have other toppings as well.


A surprise find which we went with no expectations. We left the restaurant feeling full and happy.


I can’t possibly finish so many items, so I brought along Eddie, who is our Bangkok correspondent to share the fats with me. :)

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