How can one not eat Jajjangmeyon while in Korea? In search of jjajangmyeon to satisfy our cravings on our last day in Busan, we stumbled upon Hong Kong Banjeom 0410+ by pure coincidence while we were roaming along the streets of BIFF Square.


We came here in the late afternoon at around 3pm, so there wasn’t a crowd as I would’ve expected.


I was pleasantly surprised at how fast the service here was! Our food arrived in 5 minutes after ordering :)

busan- jajjangmyeon-hongkongbajeom0410

A single serving of jjajangmyeon would cost you ₩4,000, but a double serving costs only ₩5,000, which is so worth it in my opinion.

One double portion was enough to feed 2 girls, but if you are feeling famished, I suggest you add 1-2 side dishes like we did.


The black bean sauce wasn’t too oily or watery, and it complemented the noodles so well. It was a little sweeter than usual, but I still loved it anyway. Texture-wise, the noodles were chewy and smooth, I’m amazed at how it was cooked to near perfection!

After tossing everything together, the ratio of black bean paste to noodles came up to just the right amount of consistency. This jjajangmyeon is definitely value for money, and I would come back to Hong Kong Banjeom 0410+ order this again!      


For our side dishes, one of my friends recommended the GunMandu here, which are basically deep-fried pork dumplings. You get the option of ordering a plate of 4 or 8, thankfully we went for 8! They turned out to be so good that we ordered another plate of 8 after our meal hahaha. The skin of the dumplings was hot and crispy, and they were generous with the pork filling. These really make such good comfort food :)

(4 for ₩2,000, 8 for ₩4,000)

Do give it a try when in Korea! We also found out that since this is a chain business, there are actually many outlets scattered around Seoul and Busan. The food here is delicious overall, and you really get a bang for your buck with the large portions that you are receiving.  

[Busan] Hong Kong Banjeom 0410+ paid for food review unless otherwise stated.  

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