Hongdae is a hipster neighbourhood in Seoul and it is definitely a must visit for every tourist! To get the most of Hongdae, the best day to visit is Saturday. That is if you don’t mind the crowd.


Only on Saturday afternoon,  there’s a “free market” in the midst of Hongdae district. It is not a market where you get everything for free. I have  no idea how the ‘free’ came about, probably because it was supposed to be “flea” instead of “free”.


Unlike other flea markets in Seoul, at Hongdae Free Market, you actually don’t see any second hand goods. The things sold here are actually brand new handmade crafts and accessories which are worth checking it.


Many of the stalls don’t allow photography but in order to show you something, I had to secretly take a shot of it and move away fast.






A few of them were students from the nearby Hongik University.


Hongdae Free Market is open only on Saturday from 1pm to 6pm. It’s also only available  from  March to November.

It’s quite a small compound to check out. You can also get to experience a live band playing in the compound, which really adds to the atmosphere.

So once you are done, walk out and there’s even more for you to explore Hongdae!

[Seoul] Hongdae Free Market