Q&A with Hotelier – Charles Yap to discuss about the new normal for hotels

All of us love to travel and we definitely need to stay in a hotel. We are all curious to know about the new normal for hotels and hence we have invited hotelier, Charles Yap, to talk about the steps taken by hotels to enhance hygiene and safety standards and also an update on one of Singaporean’s favourite hotel, Amari Watergate in Pratunam.

Here are the timestamps for your reference:

0:00 Introduction of today’s episode and guest

2:58 Introduction of Charles Yap and quick situation update in Bangkok

4:30 What is happening to Amari Watergate Hotel at the moment?

5:00 How is Amari Watergate Hotel close to Wilbur’s heart?

6:15 Why does Amari Watergate Hotel feel like home for Charles too?

7:15 Which hotels are under Onyx Hospitality group in Thailand as other parts of the world?

9:45 Are hotels under Onyx Hospitality open at the moment?

11:30 What are the new measures that Onyx Hospitality will be taking with regards to the Covid-19 situation?

15:17 Are these new measures going to be long-term?

17:00 With all these new measures, do you think the prices of hotels will increase?

19:30 Some travellers might have booked stays at your hotels, how is the hotel dealing with cancellations?

21:00 How can booking direct from hotels be a benefit?

24:12 How will breakfast be affected? Will buffets still be available?

27:30 What is your expectation in terms of business performance in Asia for the rest of 2020?

29:22 Are there any changes to check-in and check-out times?

29:52 Some benefits of booking directly could be late check-out?

30:50 Is there any possibility of implementing mobile check-in?

32:10 Do you think food served on board will have to face stricter hygiene measures?

33:05 What’s the situation like in Bangkok now?

36:00 Any news of travel ban being lifted in Bangkok?

36:25 When will Amari Watergate reopen?

37:58 What’s Amari Watergate going to look like when it opens in December?

42:48 Any extension for Onyx membership points?

43:20 Can guests smoke in Amari Watergate hotel?

We hope you learnt more about the new normal for hotels in Bangkok. We will continue to keep you guys updated of the new happenings. Do stay tuned to our platforms.


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