Revealing to you, a new hidden night market – Hua Mum Night Market! We were supposed to visit Talad Rot Fai  Kaset-Nawamin (Train Market 3) but the taxi driver brought us to the wrong market.


Glad to have Wilson from to go exploring with me!


Upon arrival at this Hua Mum market, I started looking around for “young” people because they usually can speak English. Glad to have found Khun Yam but I was told that this was not Talad Rot Fai and I began interviewing her more about Hua Mum Market. Do support this kind and helpful young lady who has an office job during the day but comes here to sell her handmade bags at night daily. Salute!

Hua Mum Night Market started operations in September 2015 but be prepared to be the only non-local there because only locals around this area will know about this market. During our time there, I didn’t see any foreigners other than both of us.


This caught my attention and I just had to try it – Kanom Krok Bai Toey. One look at it and I know it’s going to be good!


To order, you have to write how many boxes you want with your name because there’s a queue buying this!


This is the final product. I like this version as compared to Siam Pandan because the filling here is not as thick, so it’s very easy on the stomach.


Colourful boxers!



A market which is not that congested as compared to Talad Rot Fai, so it’s much easier to manoeuvre.


Oh, they even sell trucks here!


Retro brown bags!



University students buying some potpourri home.


Customised keychains! I like this!


The most popular dessert stall here, sells Bingsu. I’m too full from dinner, else I will be joining them for some Bingsu too.


Mini pancake attracts me.


After walking, we need some drinks to quench our thirst and cool down our bodies.


These buns are too cute to be eaten! Don’t you agree?


There’s no English printing for this market but in Thai, it’s called “หัวมุม Market & More”, also known as Corner for the Thai words.  They are also located opposite The Walk Kaset-Nawamin.

It is open daily from 6pm – 12am. The only way to get here is via taxi. It’s not accessible via BTS but if you want to save on taxi fares, the nearest would be Lad Phrao station.

Taken with Fujifilm X-T10

I made a trip back to Hua Mum Market to have an update and was surprised to see more people here. The whole vibe was just great for a night market. More photos below:






Hua Mum Market (หัวมุม Market & More)