Ichiran Ramen is the “Must Go” ramen place in Tokyo and to many, it might probably the best ramen!

It’s located all over Tokyo and the outlet I visited was at Shinjuku. It was relatively easy to spot this shop, because of the queue outside.


Ichiran attracts both locals and tourists. Expect a queue outside especially during peak hours.


Don’t be too happy after clearing the queue outside because there’s another queue waiting for you inside.Don’t worry though, the queue moves quite quickly.


After you have cleared the queue, you will have to make your order and payment through the machine. Insert your notes, and make sure you have at least 1000¥ since the ramen starts from 710¥.


And then, join another queue here where you take the order chit and state your preference for your ramen.


Once you get a seat allocated to you, you will notice that it’s all single seating. You will be facing the wall to eat. You can choose to collapse the divider if you want though.



Your orders will come through the blinds. Don’t be surprised if you notice the blinds opening!


My ramen came with the egg and you will have to peel the shell yourself.


Ichiran Ramen [910¥]! This is the famous ramen that we have been waiting for!

I won’t conclude if it’s the best ramen in Tokyo yet but it’s definitely one of the best ramen I have eaten. The noodles are at the right texture and the broth is just rich and delicious. It tasted so delicious probably because it was somewhat customised based on our preference, indicated earlier in the chit.


Don’t leave without trying their new item – Matcha Almond [390¥]. The texture hits the right spot, it’s not too soft or hard and the flavor of the almond is not too overpowering. The matcha sauce on top adds a stronger and sweeter taste to complete your dessert.

The queue took 30 minutes to clear and I would say that it was definitely worth the wait because the meal itself will make you happy.

Ichiran Ramen is open 24 hours and is located all around Tokyo, in popular places such as Shibuya, Roppongi, Ikebukuro, Harajuku and Asakusa. You can check out their website (there is an English option) in the link below for the exact location.