Missing the local vibe from Talad Rot Fai Ratchada? Check out Indy Market!

There are so many night markets in Bangkok and many are located in places that are easily accessible via BTS or taxi, near the city.

On the other side of the river in the Thonburi district, there’s a relatively new night market which recently opened earlier this year called Indy Market.

To get here, I recommend you to use Grab. A ride from the city (Sukhumvit or Silom) will easily start from 200 baht during peak hours. If you really want the nearest BTS here, head to  Wong Wian Yai station. From there, you will still need to transfer to a taxi to get to Indy Market.

The good thing is that they are open daily, from 6pm to 12am.


At the entrance of Indy Market, you will see a lawn for locals to just sit around with their friends, either chatting or enjoying the street food bought from the market.

Indy Market is relatively catered to the locals living around the Thonburi area, so don’t expect to see many tourists here, at least for now. There are about 500 stalls selling fashion, crafts and food.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy!


These freshly cooked chicken wings cost 5 baht per piece.


Some fresh Thai rolled wafer?


Or something more familiar, Thai Crepes / Pancake?


You will surely be thirsty soon, why not try some watermelon smoothie to quench your thirst.


Grilled Pork?


These are not carrot cake, it’s Fried Squid Eggs!


Oh, cute little buns!


Mini Octopus Head?

Want to do something more than just street food? There are many pubs here where locals just sit down, have some food and beer enjoying the live bands.




Not for you? Here to shop?

There are some fashion and craft stalls around. Just walk around.






As mentioned earlier, this market is catered mainly for locals living in Thonburi. I won’t recommend you to travel all the way from Sukhumvit or Pratunam to just visit this market alone.

Of course, if you have already visited all the other night markets which were recommended on AroiMakMak and want something different, feel free to visit Indy Market.

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