innit Bangkok is a popular fashion label from Bangkok. They are the original dealer for pleat designs and its  luxe and elegant designs bring out the beauty of every female.

innit is don by many Thai celebrities as well. They have 2 boutique shops in Bangkok, situated at Siam Square Soi 2 and The Circle Ratchapreuk. I visited their Siam Square branch before and I just love how cosy it was there. The deco was simple yet so inviting.

After a few pop-ups in Singapore, innit decided to open an outlet in Singapore, since their  pieces are well loved by Singaporeans and considering the fact that one of the owners of innit, is married to Boss Ming, a Singaporean entrepreneur.

innit Bangkok, Singapore’s branch is now open at 13 Ann Siang Road.

Meet the 2 owners of innit. Fern and Patty. They are the brain, designer and model of their own business. *Salute*

Hi Fern!

Hi Patty! They are ever so busy, ensuring the needs of the customers are well taken care of.

This is the interior of the shop. So spacious and beautiful.

Well, I have not much business here especially since I can’t wear any of their clothes. So the next thing that I can do is to eat. And it’s not just any food. It’s handmade and heartmade by Patty, the day before the shop’s opening.

I frequently see posts from Boss Ming about Patty’s cooking and was always wishing to try her dishes. The day had arrived!

So, she actually prepared everything in the menu, except for the Singha beer and iced water.

Green Curry!

Grilled Pork Neck with special dipping sauce!

Shrimp Crackers bought from Bangkok.

Thai Milk Tea!

Red Ruby!

Oh my god! Patty is such a good cook, everything was so deliciously authentic. Aroi Mak Mak!

Alright, enough of the food. For the beautiful ladies out there, here are their signature pleat designs. Of course, if you are interested, it’s best to head on down to their shop at 13 Ann Siang Road Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Tower B, #03-14.

In the market, there’s lots of imitation but I would urge you to support the original. The owners had put in their  heart, soul and sweat into the business to provide you with the best – a quality piece.

Check out Boss Ming’s article “Entrepreneurial Lessons from my Wife @pattyinnit“.  If you understand Thai, check out their interview from 14 min onwards!

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