In Seoul, you don’t really need to have breakfast in a hotel because you can get even better breakfast options around! One of them is Isaac Toast. It is probably the best toast I have ever eaten.


Isaac Toast began in 1995 but went the franchise route in 2003. It was a good step actually because we can now get this delicious toast all around Seoul or Korea with ease. In Korea, they have close to 1000 outlets and there are also outlets in Macau and Penang.

They can be easily found especially in popular tourists districts such as Myeongdong, Dongdaemun and Hongdae. Just walk around and you will be sure to spot one! If you are lucky, they could be few minutes away from your hotel too. To be sure, you can always check google maps for the location nearest to where you are.


Ham and Cheese Toast [2200â‚©]. One of the best sellers! A simple ham and cheese toast, freshly made. I recommend you to eat it immediately but be careful, it’s hot!


As you can see, this is how they make the toast. Cheese with their secret recipe which I assume is butter honey. And they cook the egg using a square separator so that it fits nicely into the bread.


It was  so good that I went back again another day. This time, I had Hot Chicken MVP Toast [3000â‚©].  This was equally delicious.

If I did not have to review a variety of food options in order to make recommendations, I would have this every day.

Don’t forget to eat this when you are in Seoul or Korea! You won’t regret it, unless you don’t like to eat bread!