Updated: August 2020

Jao Praya Thai Cuisine has unfortunately closed.

There is no shortage of Thai food in Singapore but to find one which serves authentic and delicious Thai dishes, it’s not that easy! This newcomer in Golden Mile Complex called Jao Praya, don’t play play with them! I’m quite amazed at the quality of food they serve.  Whenever I visit a new restaurant, I will always order the most basic dish like Pad Thai to test their level of authenticity.

In fact, I have been searching for the best Pad Thai in Singapore for many years but haven’t really been able to identify one which is similar to those you find in Bangkok. Well now, I am glad to have found a really delicious and authentic Pad Thai at non-restaurant prices.

The reason why this Pad Thai could fly up to the top of the ranks is because the  chef at Jao Praya Thai Cuisine learnt the ropes and recipe from a famous Pad Thai shop in one of the provinces in Thailand.


Pad Thai Seafood [S$6] – This Pad Thai is unlike many others you find in Singapore. They use the proper thick rice noodle for Pad Thai and with the secret tamarind sauce and chai poh, it just transformed into  one of the best Pad Thai in Singapore, in my personal opinion.

You would definitely agree with me that it has that “wow” factor in it. They even serve it with fresh prawns and not the frozen ones! Come to try it for yourselves!


Mama Pad Kee Mao  Seafood  [S$7] –  This dish was recommended because it’s their best seller. It is not that common in Bangkok and even uncommon in Singapore. In English, this dish is called Drunken Noodles.

It’s my first time trying this dish so I can’t judge if it’s the best. It is definitely delicious and I like the peppery taste of the mama noodles. One plus point is that the noodles are not oily!


Tom Leng (Spicy Pork Ribs Soup) [S$15] – This is a very popular dish in Thailand now and you will definitely see many locals enjoying this dish even in night markets. Jao Praya is probably the first one to bring this dish to Singapore!

This soup is boiled in chilli, herbs and spices for many hours till the meat easily falls off from the ribs.


Beware of the soup and spicy soup, don’t say I didn’t warn you. You better get ready some drinks!


Cha Yen (Thai Milk Tea) [S$2] – It’s not the cheapest in Golden Mile Complex but you definitely will need some drink to go with your food here.

I am seriously impressed with the food at Jao Praya Thai Cuisine and I  can’t wait to be back to try more of their dishes!


Jao Praya Thai Cuisine is located in Golden Mile Complex, #01-39. Oh, their operating hours are a little special because they cater to the night owls. They are open daily from 5pm to 5am.

As they are still new to the F&B scene, do be prepared to wait for a little while for your food to be prepared. Well, I’m always ready to wait for a little if the food served is going to impress me.

[Singapore] Jao Praya Thai Cuisine

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