Jeh O  is a Thai restaurant with about 40 years of history and they are famous for serving boiled rice with a variety of thai dishes, something quite similar to Teochew Porridge but done Thai style. It’s popular with locals but Jeh O recently became very popular online because of something that went  viral.


Jeh O opens at about 5:30pm but if you want to eat the item that went viral, it starts selling only at 11pm till the closing time of 2am. And be prepared to wait especially during peak hours. I reached at about 1215am and waited  for 10 minutes before I got a seat. Thereafter, I waited for another 20 minutes before my food was served.


Mama Tom Yum Seafood  [180฿] – This is the dish that went viral online especially on Instagram. Lots of youngsters whip out their phones to take  photos of this dish when it’s served. During my time there, I saw only locals and I was  the only foreigner. They also have the pork version which costs 120฿. Make sure you have a friend or two with you because the portion is big. I could not  finish this on my own.


Salmon Sashimi [250฿] – This is another must order dish here and I see almost every table ordering this. This is salmon sashimi in Thai style, with lots of garlic, chilli and lime. Delicious and you should definitely order this.


This photo was  taken after I finished my meal at about 1:30am. Usually, it’s fully packed and you won’t see an empty table.

They are located along Chula Soi 16 on  Banthat Thong Road, Charat Mueang Alley. I won’t recommend you to come here unless you have free time and it’s not your first visit to Bangkok. If you have free time and love Mama Instant Noodle, then go ahead and try it.

Photos taken with Fujifilm X-T10.