Partygoers who frequent Funky Villa and Demo in Thonglor will be happy to know that there’s a new foodie mall offering a variation of late night eats till 3am! It’s a late night Asian eats & drinks community!


Located at Arena 10 is JIA Thonglor 10.


JIA simply means “eat” in Chinese. You get a variety of food options to you to fill your stomach, before or after your party.

#1 Ping’s Kitchen


Ping’s should be a familiar name to you if you have been following It’s one of the places that I visit every trip to satisfy my cravings for Thai-Teochew food.


Ping’s Kitchen is open for both lunch (11:30am – 2:30pm) and dinner till late (5pm – 3am). The items offered are similar to that at Ping’s Restaurant at Pathumwan Princess Hotel, except with a different plating.


Abalone Rice with Crab Meat! You have to try this for yourselves. The Ping’s superior broth will make you fall in love and keep coming back for more.


If rice is not your thing, they also have the Crab Meat Mee Pok in Ping’s Superior Broth!


Braised Gooseweb Mee Pok in Claypot. The star here is the goose web which is braised till it is soft. The skin melts  in your mouth. The Mee Pok is full of flavour from the goose web and spices in the clay pot and so this is a mee pok filled with lots of goodness.

#2 Meng Kee Hong Kong Roast


Have some delicious Hong Kong Roast without having to fly over to Hong Kong.


Over here, you need to try their Char Siew, Roast Duck, Sio Bak and Soy Sauce Chicken!



Soy Sauce Chicken with Noodle – Oh, the chicken is so juicy and tender. I must also comment on the texture and flavour of the noodle, which is, in fact, more delicious than the  Michelin-starred Soy Sauce Chicken Noodle from Hawker Chan.


The roasted meat platter is good for sharing because you can try out their specialities – the different roast meats. The Char Siew is well glazed with sweetness and its equal share of meat and fats gives it a good bite. I especially love how the skin of the roast duck peels off when you pick it up from the plate. The Sio Bak is also delicious with the biscuit-like crust. I would have preferred it to be more tender though.


Wanton Soup for sharing?

#3  STIX


STIX is an Asian skewers bar offering delicious Japanese Yakitori.


Look at the sticks ready to be grilled!


Edamame is always an addictive appetiser.


This Asian Nachos is really addictive. I can finish the whole plate by myself if you don’t take it away! I will be back just for this!


You can’t come to STIX without having their grilled sticks.

End of your meal at STIX with their Ice Cream Mantou. The ice cream is from Guss Damn Good, so you sure will be getting a quality ice cream to indulge in.

There are many more items in STIX which I had yet to try though. Eddie (Stranger in Bangkok) did also mention that their Khao Tom Moo (Pork Balls Soup with Rice) was really good!

#4 #findthelockerroom (Closing end December 2017)


This place doesn’t need any further mention because it’s so popular right now. But anyway, you can access this secret bar from Ping’s!


This bar is unique because it serves 3 different variations of each cocktail, features the past, present and future. I tried one of the cocktails and it was really on the strong side.

#5 Yoneda Ramen


I didn’t had the chance to try their ramen yet and will leave it till my next trip!

[Bangkok] JIA Thonglor 10

This was an invited media tasting. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

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