Yaowarat (Chinatown) is no longer just a night place to visit. In recent years, there have been many new hipster cafes popping up around the area (with a modern chinese feel to it) and one of them is 真真 JingJing Ice-cream Bar and Cafe.


Jing Jing Bar & Cafe is located near to Exit 2 of Wat Mangkon Station. However, you need to walk into a small alley in order to find them. No worries as they are quite prominent against their neighbours.


The ice cream here [from 80฿] are homemade by owner, Poo.


There are lots of flavour for you to choose from according to Poo, their most popular flavours include Coconut Espresso and Cheese Pie (with strawberry / raspberry). What’s special is that they also offer some really interesting alcoholic ice cream combos too. Don’t forget to check out their monthly specials!


If you are at Jing Jing, I highly recommend you to head up to the beautiful 2nd floor to enjoy a breather. It is the ideal rest-stop in the middle of your sweaty Chinatown exploration.

Instagrammers will also love this place because it’s just beautiful for photos!


[Bangkok] Jing Jing Ice Cream Bar & Cafe

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