In November 2021, the famous Talad Rot Fai Ratchada made its comeback under the new name “Jodd Fairs”. Located behind Central Plaza Grand Rama 9 Shopping Mall, it is easily accessible via a 5-minute walk from MRT Phra Rama 9. With over 600 street food and fashion apparel stalls, some old and others new, Jodd Fairs remains one of the best train night markets to visit due to its convivial atmosphere.


With tons of street food ranging from grilled pork skewers to Luk Chup (mung bean candy), be sure to save some space in your stomach to fully indulge in the Jodd Fairs street food experience.



If you need a drink to beat the heat, you can buy fresh fruit smoothies from this well-known vendor, who uses a variety of fresh fruits to make the most delicious smoothies.


The cartoon pancakes at Jodd Fairs are also another top-favourite due to the cute pancake art inspired from well-known cartoons and shows, where each pancake is specially customised and hand-made for customers.


Apart from street food, you can also head down to one of the many lively bars to catch up with friends and enjoy a drink or two. There are also restaurants and chill cafes in the vicinity if you prefer to dine in a more peaceful place.



As live bands return in full swing, you will be greeted with the familiar lively tunes- an integral part of the unique vibe at Bangkok night markets upon strolling through Jodd Fairs.


With a wide array of stalls selling fashionable streetwear, phone accessories and bags at affordable prices, you might be amazed at some of the items you can find, such as vintage items you will otherwise struggle to find elsewhere.




Serving as a food and shopping haven, Jodd Fairs is an ideal place to visit if you happen to be in the area. Since it is open daily from 11 am to 12 midnight, you can plan a trip to the Jodd Fairs anytime based on your itinerary. However, we recommend you to visit after 5pm for the best experience.

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