Yakiniku (grilled meat) should be on your list of Japanese food to try when you visit Japan. Not many Yakiniku restaurants serve meat other than beef and so I decided to ask Chinakawa, our resident writer in Tokyo for suggestions. Jojoen at Ebisu was her recommendation because of 2 reasons: good food and  beautiful scenery.


I travel for good food and thankfully this place is accessible via the trains. It is located at Ebisu station and you have to use  several  travellators before you see an exit.  Head up to the 39th floor at Yebisu Garden Place.


Look out for Jojoen and you will be greeted by the staff.


Upon entry, I was already amazed by the scenery offered.


These are the specialty sauces at Jojoen. Try all of them and see which suits you. From the left,  “spicy sauce”, “lemon sauce” and “traditional sauce”. The lemon sauce is more for salted meat and seafood.


The beer here was expensive but the sake was more reasonably priced instead. I like this sake because it’s very smooth and easy to drink.

We had a hard time deciding which meats to order because everything looked so good!


3  Types of Pork  – The portion was considered small for the price but it was worth it. Every piece of meat was well-marinated and would leave you wanting more.


Beef  – This was my favourite item! The beef was so tender, soft and well marinated.  The only  disappointing factor was its portion. If I were to eat to my fill, it would be extremely costly.


Grilling in action!


We ordered a tofu stew to fill our stomachs while waiting for our meat to be ready. It was ironic that I found the best tofu stew in Tokyo and not in Seoul!


Here’s a tip to enjoy Yakiniku –  Lightly roast to keep the beef succulent!

You should only leave your meat to grill for 15-30 seconds before turning to the other side. Or else, the meat will be overcooked and will be tough.


Our meal ended with complimentary dessert – Matcha Ice Cream! I like the intensity of the matcha flavour and it was a good ending to the meal.


After payment, we were given a stick of chewing gum each, to freshen our breath.


This was the beautiful scenery at Jojoen Yebisu Garden Place. There are other Jojoen outlets at Shinjuku and Ginza, just to name a few. But my recommendation would be to visit the branch at Ebisu because the scenery here is just magnificent.

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