Update: May 2019

They have since shifted to a proper shop with proper chairs and tables for you to eat comfortably. The shop is just located next to the alley where they were previously at.




Today’s recommendation is not about a handsome prince, but “Jok” Prince. Jok means “Porridge” so you can also called it Porridge / Congee Prince if you like. As for why they call it Prince, it’s because they used to be located in the alley leading to Prince Theatre.


This particular stall in  Charoenkrung Road has been around for 50 years and is popular with both locals and foreigners. Some say they probably serve the best porridge in Bangkok. Even Anthony Bourdain was here, that should speak  volumes!


This is a no-frills stall, don’t expect anything glamorous. The food here is  really cheap, starting from 35 baht. It’s located in a small alley with some tables and chairs for you to eat your porridge.   They have since moved to the shop beside with proper tables and chairs and it’s definitely a much more comfortable experience now.


What they sell is very simple. Porridge with Minced Pork Balls with options of internal organs, raw egg and century egg. What is special here is that the porridge is well boiled and cooked, making it very smooth and the attraction is its “wok hei” flavour (smoky heat from the cooking). They actually added a small amount of burnt rice to give it that unique flavour, which you either love or hate.



Comforting food at very low prices, no frills.


Please take note of their opening hours as below. You definitely don’t want to see the sign, “The stall is closed” after you may your way there.  They are only open for Breakfast and Dinner / Supper.

All the pictures in this post are taken from 3 different trips and once was with Brunei’s Top Food Blogger, Thanis Lim and he loves it so much that he made a repeated trip too!

Jok Prince