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[CLOSED] Jona Waffle – Crispy on the outside, Fluffy on the inside

By Eddie Yii


If the Ground Floor of The Commons is considered its glamorous food court, its 2nd Floor is really its dessert stop, with Jona Waffle, Maygori and Brix ensuring a sweet ending to your visit to Thong Lor.


Of the 3, Jona Waffle is by far the most eye-catching, and its huge indoor air-conditioned seating space will surely be welcome by visitors in the scorching Bangkok weather.

Owner Winn hails from Le Cordon Bleu London. Before starting his own business, Winn spent 3 years creating monthly specials for Swensen’s, making millions of children across Thailand beam from ear to ear.  His culinary expertise cannot be questioned, but looking at his menu, till today, I still fail to understand how customers are expected to understand what goes into his dish with just a small picture and a short name under it.

So let me help him out a bit here.


Winn’s waffles are largely separated into 3 categories. My favourite one is the plain sweet waffle, which is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. This is because the waffle batter has been yeast-raised overnight to give its pleasant texture. Their best seller Lady in Red [230THB] is a good balance between sweet and sour, and is a safe bet to please everyone at the table.

They also have chocolate-based sweet waffles which have not been yeast-raised and are of a more cake-like consistency.


Lastly, they have a range of savoury waffles, like this Chicken Waffle [350THB] which is made using cornmeal and corn to give a more brittle crumbly cookie-like feel to the waffle to pair with crispy fried chicken, resembling what you will get in Southern USA.


Last but not least, Winn told me that a whopping 80% of his customers are ladies, who are probably all doing what my companion Clarice is doing above.

Another reason to visit Jona Waffle eh?

[Bangkok] Jona Waffle

Eddie Yii

Eddie Yii

Eddie is a Sarawakian who grew up in Singapore and has worked in Thailand since 2010. Even though he has a couple of full-time jobs, he considers himself first and foremost, a husband and father. When he is not busy clearing his children’s poop, he also jots down some of his random thoughts on surviving and thriving in this awesome city of Bangkok at Stranger in Bangkok. Eddie reveals peeks into his everyday life (mostly made up of yummy food and cute kids) on his IG account @strangerinbangkok.

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