If the Ground Floor of The Commons is considered its glamorous food court, its 2nd Floor is really its dessert stop, with Jona Waffle, Maygori and Brix ensuring a sweet ending to your visit to Thong Lor.


Of the 3, Jona Waffle is by far the most eye-catching, and its huge indoor air-conditioned seating space will surely be welcome by visitors in the scorching Bangkok weather.

Owner Winn hails from Le Cordon Bleu London. Before starting his own business, Winn spent 3 years creating monthly specials for Swensen’s, making millions of children across Thailand beam from ear to ear.  His culinary expertise cannot be questioned, but looking at his menu, till today, I still fail to  understand how customers are expected to understand what goes into his dish with just a small picture and a short name under it.

So let me help him out a bit here.


Winn’s waffles are largely separated into 3 categories. My favourite one is the plain sweet waffle, which is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. This is because the waffle batter has been yeast-raised overnight to give its pleasant texture. Their best seller Lady in Red [230THB] is a good balance between sweet and sour, and is a safe bet to please everyone at the table.

They also have chocolate-based sweet waffles which have not been yeast-raised and are of a more cake-like consistency.


Lastly, they have a range of savoury waffles, like this Chicken Waffle [350THB]  which is made using cornmeal and corn to give a more brittle crumbly cookie-like feel to the waffle to pair with crispy fried chicken, resembling what you will get in Southern USA.


Last but not least, Winn told me that a whopping 80% of his customers are ladies, who are probably all doing what my companion Clarice is doing above.

Another reason to visit Jona Waffle eh?

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