Ka-Nom Fashion Bakery is famous for their pastries such as Patonggo and Egg Tarts. Other than sweet pastries, they also sell some light dishes.


The Patonggo (You Tiao / Fried Dough) is made fresh on the spot outside the restaurant and it is  served with a sweet custard dip.

This is best eaten fresh with its lightly crisp exterior and puffy interior. It comes in 5 pieces and it’s definitely best to share the serving  because it will be too much to eat it all on your own.


Another popular item is their Portuguese style egg tarts. It tastes as delicious as the one found in Macau and Hong Kong. They have 2 versions of the egg tarts, the mini and the normal version. The mini version is just so cute!


If you don’t know what to eat for breakfast, this is one option for you. They have a standalone store  at Sukhumvit Soi 49, just opposite  Samitivej Hospital or beside Casa Lapin Cafe.

Alternatively, you can locate them at major shopping centres, usually at the basement food halls.

Ka-Nom Fashion Bakery