If we were to talk about famous emcees in Korea, Kang Ho Dong would surely be one of them! He has worked in many fields before such as being a wrestler, an emcee, a comedian and now he is also a restaurant owner! His restaurant is called Kang Ho Dong BaekJeong. It is located in the famous shopping street, “Myeong Dong”.

His restaurant is very near to the Myeong Dong station (Blue Line) and it is very easy to find as it has a big standy of Kang Ho Dong in front of the building. (If you cannot find it, look for Line Store. It is very near to that building.)

The restaurant’s operating hours are  from 11.30am to 2am. It sells both Beef and Pork Korean BBQ. The price starts from 12,900 won for Beef and 11,900 won for Pork. They also have side dishes such as Kimchi Soup and Kimchi Fried Rice which starts from only 4,000 won. They also have alcoholic drinks!


The food comes as a set with the meat and sides. I would say that the meat portion is a little small compared to other restaurant BUT the quality is very high and it tastes really really good! The sides include Korean vegetable salad (Kochujung Dressing), vegetables for grill, sweetened potato (which is really good!), vegetables to eat with Galbi, Cheese and Egg.




For people who are veggie-lover like me, I would really like to recommend the Korean vegetable salad with Kochujung dressing because it is not too spicy. It is very refreshing because all the vegetables are fresh and cool! Eat it combined with warm Kochujung. It is the best!


If I were to recommend which meat to  order, I would recommend “Prime Boneless Short Ribs” and “Marinated Rib Eye” for beef and “Pork belly” and “Marinated Shoulder” for pork.

I have to say it again that they really serve you very good quality beef and pork. They are very soft and the marinated ones also taste really good. You can get some  Kimchi and Kochujung taste but not too much that they overwhelm  the tender and original taste of the meat.




Moreover, if you don’t know how to grill the meat. The staff are very helpful. They speak a very good level of English and Chinese and they also come to check your dishes very often in order to ensure that you get the best out of it! For all the girls who are afraid of the smell of the Korean BBQ restaurant, this one is not a problem as well! They have a very good ventilation  system.

If you go to Myeong Dong, this is surely one of a must-try restaurants! And if you are a fan of Kang Ho Dong, maybe you will meet your favorite star there!

[Seoul] Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong Restaurant