Khao Mao Khao Fang is a forest themed restaurant in Chiang Mai.


There are both outdoor and indoor seating here but I find the outdoor seating more appealing simply because of the theme of the restaurant.


From the entrance to the seats right down to the toilet, this restaurant really sticks to its theme.


There is even a garden within the restaurant which is a perfect place to take some pictures.


Tons of  pretty flowers can be found all around the place.


Seats like this really make for a memorable meal. During my time there, I also felt that there were little to no flies disturbing my meal, one of the biggest issues with outdoor dining.


That’s right! There is even a waterfall in there! Dinner in the forest with a waterfall? Isn’t it amazing?


Thai Milk Tea – One of the best I had in Chiang Mai. It is served similar to  what we call ‘Teh Cino’ at a prata shop here in Singapore with the milk poured on top of the tea. You can mix it up and enjoy them together or sip them separately. I like to have the best of both worlds so I would sip them separately in the beginning then mix them together afterwards and enjoy all the goodness of it.


Fried Fish, Peanuts and Herbs in Betel Leaves served with Sweet Sauce (150 baht)  – This was something special and it was so tasty we finished every bit of it.


Here is how the dish looked like when it was served to us. Simply scoop some of the ingredients into a betel leave, scoop some sauce over and go for it. The sauce is a little spicy though it was supposed to be a sweet sauce but I really loved how everything tasted together.


Sour Soup with Climbing Wattle Omelette and Shrimps (230 baht) – At first, I did not dare to try the Climbing Wattle Omelette. Its name and appearance just did not really appeal to me. However, I really liked the soup so eventually I decided to give the vegetable a chance. To my surprise, I loved it. I ended up finishing it till the last piece. It melts in your mouth and I would definitely order this again if I have the chance to.


Steamed Snapper with Spicy Lime Sauce (350 baht) – There are actually 3 sauces you can choose from. Spicy Lime, Soy and Sour Plum. I tend to stay away from fish because I hate having to deal with the bones but the meat was so fresh and so soft, it was  definitely worth the hassle.


Stir Fried Soft Shell Crab in Yellow Curry (250 baht) – My favourite. Soft Shell Crab and Yellow Curry make the absolute perfect combination. The spice and kick of the yellow curry was just nice and I could not stop myself from gobbling up this whole plate.


Curry Seafood with Sweet Basil Omelette (200 baht) – You simply cannot go wrong with omelettes. I did not find the curry taste very strong but the seafood and the omelette alone were good enough for me.


Crispy Morning Glory Spicy Salad (130 baht) – I have been falling in love with fried vegetables more and more. The spicy salad was a little too spicy for my liking but I certainly enjoyed the crispy morning glory.


Mango Sticky Rice – This brings me to dessert and the classic of Thai desserts, Mango Sticky Rice. The mango was quite sweet and overall, it was a good plate of Mango Sticky Rice.


Like I mentioned earlier in the post, everything at Khao Mao Khao Fang restaurant is forest themed, even the toilet.


I thought the sink was extremely cute.

Overall, Khao Mao Khao Fang  is my favourite restaurant in Chiang Mai from my trip. I loved the theme and it was very comfortable despite not having air conditioning.

[Chiang Mai] Khao Mao Khao Fang Restaurant