If you have a sudden craving for Mango Sticky Rice while you’re in Khao Yai, you are in luck! In the past, it’s quite challenging to find Mango Sticky Rice even though it’s such a popular Thai dessert. Most visitors to were Thai locals but it’s no longer the same. Khao Yai is now visited by many tourists.


I guess this is what the owners felt and hence KhaoYai the mango house farm was born. Deeper research on this place revealed a story to preserve the heritage of Pak Chong Khao Yai being agricultural land, one of the best plantations in the country. Indeed, the quality of agricultural produce here is very good and it includes mushrooms.


If you love Mango Sticky Rice, do drop by to support them because they are also probably serving the best Mango Sticky Rice in Khao Yai!


Coconut Milk is served by the side so you can choose to pour it in by yourselves. Oh, the mangoes are really sweet!


Not only that, you get to enjoy the beautiful landscape while enjoying the Mango Sticky Rice. I guess I might be enjoying the view of their 8000+ mango trees in Khao Yai.


If you can’t get enough of the mangoes, you can even purchase and bring them home. They even have different products made from mangoes, be sure to check them out!

[Khao Yai] Khaoyai The Mango House Farm

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