Khun Mee Thai Noodle Bar is a new casual dining restaurant serving high quality authentic Thai-Chinese street food, using the freshest ingredients sourced directly from Thailand. By getting ingredients from Thailand, it is an advantage because it retains the original taste and flavour of  Thai dishes.

Khun Mee Thai is the first casual dining restaurant that serves Ba Mee, the Thai version of egg noodles, with its most popular version being similar to Wanton Noodles that consumers in Singapore are familiar with. Other Thai restaurants you find in Singapore mainly serves tze-char style dishes, but over here, it’s a little different!

Founder of Khun Mee Thai, Khun Aum, sourced and worked with her favourite Thai street food vendors,  and learnt from them. She then  brought  the recipes back to Khun Mee Thai.


You will be glad to know that at Khun Mee Thai, there is NO GST & Service Charge! So after deciding what you want, make payment at the counter and the dish will be served to you.



Thai-Style Garden Roll (Kueh Teow Lui Suan)  [S$5.80] – These are soft rice paper wrappers filled with Thai sausage, peanuts, Thai Sweet Basil and Thai Long-Leafed Coriander. The overall bite is soft and definitely a healthy dish especially for those who love vegetables and salads. Don’t forget to dip it into the special sweet, sour and spicy chilli sauce for that extra kick!

Moo Yor Salad [S$5.80] –  Forget about Som Tum when you are here. Try this instead. It’s a very refreshing salad with a mix of thai flavours and textures. The thai sausage is made from pork and speckled with crushed black  peppercorns, so it gives you an added flavour and spice. What’s in the salad? Thai sausage, glass noodles, thai celery, carrot and cucumber strips, sliced onion, shallots and mint, crushed chilli and peanuts, all tossed in a zesty Chilli and Lime dressing.  Very addictive. MUST TRY!


khunmeethai-bameeBa Mee Kiao, Moo Dang & Kai Tom (Egg Noodles with Dumpling, Charshu & Lava Egg)  [S$5.80 to S$8.80] – Ba Mee (egg noodles) is the signature dish of Khun Mee Thai.  This is the thai version of Wanton Noodle. Khun Aum and her husband love Ba Mee and they went around different stalls to find the best and to learn from them. The Ba Mee (egg noodles), Charshu, dumplings and sauces are made by Khun Mee Thai.

This dish comes in both dry and soup version but I prefer the dry version because it is tossed in charshu  sauce and flavour-infused oil (pork lard and garlic). It is then topped with sliced Charshu, pork dumplings, vegetables and option of lava egg, crabmeat or both.

My verdict? I would say the version at Khun Mee Thai is very similar to the one in Bangkok. The type of noodles used is similar and it gives a good bite. Thankfully there is no weird noodle taste. The noodles are a little dry and indeed it’s the same thing you experience in Bangkok. Well, it is good, at least you are not eating lots of oil. If you find it too dry for your liking, you can add in a little soup provided. After the noodles is well mixed with the charshu sauce and flavour-infused oil, it just makes the noodles so flavourful and very appetising.  MUST TRY!

khunmeethai-bameetomyummilkBa Mee Tom Yam  with Milk (Tom Yam Egg Noodles with Prawns) [S$8.80] – If you like something soupy, craving for Tom Yam and want something different, try this. This is definitely spicy but I find it a little too sweet and lacking the sourness and the “kick”.

Ba Mee Kang Keaw Wan Gai (Ba Mee with Thai Green Curry and Chicken) [S$9.80] – The green curry used here is blended with some Thai herbs and it might taste different from your typical green curry which you have tried. You either love it or hate it.

khunmeethai-shrimppastefriedriceKhao Clook Ga-Pi  (Fried Rice with Shrimp Paste) [S$8.80] – This is shrimp paste fried rice, served with Thai Sweet Pork Stew, Crispy Dried Shrimp, Julienned Green Mango, Omelette strips, Chinese Sausage and Chilli Padi. I especially like the sweet pork stew which gives the whole dish the sweetness and also the chinese sausage which taste a bit like bakkwa.

You might be wondering how to eat this dish right? Simply, just mix all the ingredients on the plate and you will get a contrast of tastes, textures and flavours, all in your mouth! MUST TRY!

khunmeethai-porklegKha Moo (Braised Pork Leg in Traditional Thai-Chinese Style) [S$7.80] – This is  Khun Aum’s   grandmother’s traditional recipe (with five-spice sauce). The pork leg is marinated for at least 2 hours, and braised for 4 to 6 hours until tender. This dish is just so flavourful and sweet but I would prefer the meat to be even softer to give the melt-in-your-mouth feeling. But if you prefer to have some meat texture without the melt, this would be perfect for you. We ordered a second serving, so definitely MUST TRY!

khunmeethai-friedchickenjointsKhor Kai Tod  (Fried Chicken Joints) [S$4.80] – This is a  popular bar snack in Bangkok, Fried Chicken Joints (Cartileges). Again, it’s either love or hate. I personally prefer to eat some chicken meat instead. I also find this too oily but definitely good to go with beer. They do serve Singha beer and they are currently having a promotion for July too!


At every table, they provide condiments so if you find your dish lacking in flavour, do what the locals do, add your own flavourings. You may also want to add it into your Ba Mee to get the extra authentic thai flavour.


Khao Neow Mamuang  (Mango with Sticky Rice) [S$5.80]  – A very popular dessert. The  glutinous rice here is infused with Pandan and it gave  an extra  pandan  flavour to it. It is served with ripe mango and topped with coconut cream. This is served warm! However, the mango we had was  not up to expectations as it was not sweet enough and perhaps had a little too much fibre.

khunmeethai-durianstickyriceKhao Neow Tu-Rean (Durian with Sticky Rice) [S$5.80] – If you take durian, please order this. You will not regret it. Even a non-durian lover  preferred this to the Mango version. For me, the first bite literally transported me back to Thailand. The secret is in the durian puree, durian flesh and the coconut  cream all mixed together. Enough said, MUST TRY!


Cha Yen (Thai Milk Tea) [S$3.00]
– I think the mix is good, one of the better ones around. Using this brand of tea leaves (below) , it’s hard to go wrong. It’s milky yet not too sweet. Definitely tweaked to suit  Singaporeans.

khunmeethai-thaiteamix khunmeethai-coconutFresh Coconut [S$3.50] – They told me that they specially import the best coconut in Thailand. And I  believe them because it is really good. Sweet and refreshing.


Thank you Khun Aum for hosting! You may think that Khum Aum looks fierce, but she is a really chatty and funny person! It was great speaking to you.

Have you counted how many “MUST TRY” was mentioned? Here are my 5 favourites:

1) Ba Mee Kiao, Moo Dang & Kai Tom (Egg Noodles with Dumpling, Charshu & Lava Egg)

2) Moo Yor Salad

3)  Kha Moo  (Braised Pork Leg in Traditional Thai-Chinese Style)

4) Khao Clook Ga-Pi  (Fried Rice with Shrimp Paste)

5) Khao Neow Tu-Rean (Durian with Sticky Rice) [S$5.80]

+ Like

A different “kind” of thai restaurant, specialising in Ba Mee and also bringing the some of the favourite street food in Thailand to Singapore.

– Dislike

If there is something lacking in the thai restaurant, I would say that the staff should smile more, to give an even better thai experience. Due to the sudden rise in customers, they are currently short handed and perhaps that’s the reason for the lack of smiles. Hopefully this improves soon.

= Conclusion

It’s good to see authentic thai restaurants popping up, serving favourites from Bangkok / Thailand. Over here, they did well in several dishes and it did really transport me back to Bangkok for a moment. I think Khun Aum really knows what Singaporeans like to eat that is why Khun Mee Thai is getting so popular now.