In recent years, there are so many Mookata opening in coffeeshops. In order to survive, you really need to offer something special in order to attract customers.

Here at Khun Mookata located at Siglap (beside Siglap Centre), they managed to be “special” by offering premium meats at an affordable price! Greg, the boss of Khun Mookata used to be a Chef at a Japanese Restaurants and he really knows his Japanese meats very well. With the knowledge, he brings in the quality meats from Japan and combines it with Thai Mookata to offer a fusion dining experience at an affordable rate.


As seen above are vegetables and mushrooms but the star of course can’t be them. The stars are right below them in red plates.

Top left to Top right:
Hokkaido Snow Beef (Wagyu) from Chateu Uenae [S$13.90],
Hokkaido Snow Beef (Lean cut) from Chateu Uenae [S$9.90],
Spanish Iberian Black Pig  from Consortia De Jabugo [S$8.90] .

Bottom  left to Bottom right:
USA USDA Prime Grade Black Angus Ribeye Steak (100g) from Creekstone Farms [S$11.90],
Australian Grass-Fed Beef  Tongue from Midfield Group  [S$8.90],
Spanish Iberian Black Pig (Thin Slice)  from Consortia De Jabugo [S$8.90].

*I got Greg to provide me with the info of where the meats came from as those of you who really are into premium meats will know if it’s good just from the name itself*

Every single item above is just incredible, so delicious! It’s so good that you don’t even need to dip into any of the sauce provided. My favourites are the Wagyu Beef, Black Angus Rib Eye Stick and Beef  Tongue!


The other items at Khun Mookata starts from  just S$1.90 per plate. Do remember to order the following items which are my favourites!

  • Pork Balls from Thailand  (S$1.90)
  • Yam Fish Balls  (S$1.90)
  • Minced Pork  (S$1.90)
  • Smoked Duck  (S$2.90)
  • Geoduck (S$2.90)


Come on, start the fire and let the cooking begin!


Khun Mookata don’t just use a special chilli sauce. Instead, they have 3 sauces for you!

  • Thai Suki Sauce, a common sauce where you find at hotpot restaurants
  • Spicy Sesame Sauce, japanese style
  • Thai Seafood Sauce

If it’s not spicy or flavourful enough, you can add in extra chilli, garlic and coriander for that extra kick!


With premium meats here, you really don’t need a buffet style mookata here. Many of the regular customers return just for the premium meats alone because it’s really good!


Want a Mookata with premium meats at an affordable price, Khun Mookata is the place to go!

[SG] Khun Mookata