It’s not easy to find street snacks in Tokyo as compared to Bangkok and Seoul because in Japan, you can’t buy your food and eat as you walk along the street. The same rules apply here at Asakusa’s Nakamise Shopping Street. There are many shops selling snacks but you can only eat it within their shop premises.


Look out for a shop with the rabbit logo located in the middle lane, nearer to the entrance for the shopping street. This shop is selling Kibi Dango.


Kibi Β Dango are Japanese dumplings made from millet and mochi rice flour. For this particular shop, it is coated with soy bean powder (kinako).



The dumplings are first boiled before they are taken out to the bowl filled with soy bean powder. Every stick of dango is filled with soy bean powder before they are packed.



This is how it looks like inside the packet.

Every bite was soft and chewy the way I like it. The dango here is smaller compared to other shops but I prefer it this way as it’s easier to consume.

Don’t miss out this delicious snack while you explore Asakusa’s Nakamise Shopping Street!

[Tokyo] Asakusa Kibi Dango Azuma