KidZania Bangkok at Siam Paragon is the largest indoor theme park for kids in the world. KidZania is the only place in the world where kids can work, think and act like adults. If you have kids, I highly recommend you to bring them here because it’s so fun and educational! Even I would love to drop my age to 13 years old so that I can enter KidZania and have a great time there. KidZania is for kids aged 4 to 14.  

KidZania focuses on giving kids a learning experience to learn fun role-playing.   They can benefit, both physically and mentally, while getting career motivation to grow up to be productive citizens in the future.


Welcome to Kidzania International Airport. After purchasing your tickets, kindly proceed for check-in.


KidZania is a unique country with its own economy.   It is a kid-sized replica of a city, complete with buildings, streets, vehicles, establishments, stores and all the elements of a real city.   The city is designed to be safe and original for kids to role play entertaining job activities of adults like in the real world.   Kids must work to earn income as firefighters, doctors, police officers, reporters, etc.   They get to train to use the money earned to purchase goods or services.

Through each job and activity, kids learn about how society functions and some basics in financial literacy, economics, career principles, teamwork, as well as social and real-life skills.   Hands-on activities in KidZania offer better fulfilling learning experiences for kids.   In each establishment, there are Zupervisors to introduce and provide support for each activity.   They are present in all establishments in KidZania to guide and ensure the children understand and perform activities properly.

Each activity of KidZania is specifically designed to aid and boost behavioral skills and values in children such as teaching them how to work as a team to solve problems, how to interact in society and helping develop physical skills like movement skills.   By performing real-life job activities, kids learn the value of having a career and how they can contribute to a bigger community.   KidZania offers hands-on experiences for kids to learn about teamwork and economics in ways in which they can easily relate and enjoy.

Fighting the fire!

Attending the courtroom

Learning to be a Doctor!

kidzania-changingwheelsCar repair workshop

kidzania-constructionConstruction industry, how you get buildings!

kidzania-meijimilkfactoryMeiji Milk Factory


kidzania-meijimilkfactory5Oishi Bottled Drinks


kidzania-oishirestaurantLearning how to make sushi

kidzania-newsstudioWorking in the media industry, Newsroom!


kidzania-bankAfter earning some money, they can open a bank account and deposit their money. They get to experience your lifestyle too!

kidzania-aisBuying a mobile phone?

kidzania-canonWant to be an aspiring photographer?


kidzania-medicureHow about some pampering, manicure?


After earning enough money, time to learn driving before you can purchase a car.


After purchasing, you need to top up the car with petrol.


kidzania-petrolstation2Learning how to fill up a tank.


Or if you love to fly, you can go through training to be a…

Flight attendant?

kidzania-pilotOr a pilot?

Now you know why I’m so impressed by this place and I would really love to become 13 years old now so that I can come to play! Hahaha.  It costs 850฿ for kids for 10am to 5pm on weekdays.

They have various online promotions as well too so check out their website before coming. I’m sure your kids will gain a lot after a trip here. What they learn here is really lifelong skills.