Kintan Omotesando is one of the trending restaurants among young Japanese at the  moment. It is a little different from other Yakiniku restaurants, as the interiors are very fancy unlike traditional style Yakiniku places.



I ordered the Omotesando Rich Course which costs ¥9,980 per person. The course has  about 10 items!


#1 Appetizers

The meal started with appetizers of Kimchi and Namuru.


#2 Sea Urchin’s Flan

The combination of the urchin and the flan is  amazing and you can really feel the flan slowly melting in your mouth!


#3 Kintan’s Special Matured Beef Tongue and Red Meat

This is my favourite! It’s a combination of Kintan’s special matured beef tongue and red meat. I had beef tongue yakiniku from a several places, but Kintan’s tongue is one of the best! The trick is to grill the beef with the right timing. It’s the best to have it in medium rare.



#4 Wagyu Otoro Nigiri Sushi

In case you’re curious, yes, this  is raw wagyu beef sushi! This was also one of my favourite. The otoro wagyu was as amazing. The meat is  marinated beforehand, so you don’t need to dip it into soy sauce as you usually do.


#5 Premium Kalbi and Misuji Beef

Another dish not to be missed!



#6 Harami and  Ichibo

Another dish of meat, to be eaten with wasabi.


#7  Suki Yaki Serloiin

Ending the meat dish with Suki Yaki Serloiin. This was seriously good that I kept  wanting to have more!


Look at this beautiful combination of the meat, egg yolk, and the rice!


#8 Cold  Reimen / Curry Rice

The last savoury dish. You can choose between cold reimen and curry rice. I personally chose the reimen this time.


#9 Cheese Cake / Peach Panna Cotta

Finishing the course with something  sweet. Again, you can choose between cheese cake and peach panna cotta. I chose the latter one for this course.

[Tokyo] Kintan Omotesando