Kiss Me Thailand is a new drama series by Halo Productions. If you have seen Full House Thai, you should be familiar with them. Full House Thai was a big hit in Thailand and it featured main actress Aom Sushar Manaying and main actor Mike Pirath Nitipaisankul.


After watching it, Aom Sushar immediately became my favourite Thai Actress. She’s so cute, pretty and talented. I saw her 2 years ago at Terminal 21,promoting for Full House Thai. Fast forward to today, I got to know about the press conference just a few days ago and it was totally unplanned.  I immediately made plans to ensure I was at Central World for the press conference.


Standees  of Mike Pirath and Aom Sushar were around for fans to take photos.


I arrived at 12:30pm as the notice given was 1pm at Central World. I waited till 2:15pm when the  press conference started.

kissmethailand_pressconference4 kissmethailand_pressconference5

The crowd started shouting when Ananda Everingham came in.


Soon after that,  actors and actresses from AF11 The Series singing and dancing to their theme song.

By now, I have been hearing Kiss Me’s theme song for so many times that I can even sing to the tune. And it’s a nice, cute and catchy song which you will like! Listen to the song below! :)

And here’s the overview video of the press conference with some very interesting Kissing Games and also talking about the series in Thai.

Here are more pictures!


The emcees were very happy.

kissmethailand_pressconference8 kissmethailand_pressconference9 kissmethailand_pressconference10 kissmethailand_pressconference11 kissmethailand_pressconference12

Kissing Game coming up!

kissmethailand_pressconference13 kissmethailand_pressconference13 kissmethailand_pressconference15

And after the press conference was over, there were just endless interviews.

kissmethailand_pressconference16 kissmethailand_pressconference17 kissmethailand_pressconference18

Aom Sushar Fan Club. Can I join?


Ananda Everingham giving a flying  kiss.


Mike Pirath being interviewed.


One of the fans using selfie stick to record a video. Win already lor!


Beautiful Aom Sushar.


Cute Aom Sushar.


Aom Sushar’s family were so supportive. They were at the event to give their support!

I’m so excited for this new series, Kiss Me Thailand by Halo Productions. Will keep you updated when the time comes. :)