Nature lovers or fans of blockbuster movie, “Kong: Skull Island”, this post is for you! We were honoured to be invited by Vietnam Tourism to revisit the scenes found in Kong!

Have you been to Vietnam? If you haven’t, you should make a trip there as soon as possible to enjoy the pictureque and untouched landscapes.


We flew via Vietnam Airlines from Singapore Changi Airport and arrived at Hanoi in 3 hours. During the flight,  we were served some lights snacks before the actual meal was served.

Our journey to revisit Kong filming site began the next day and we first headed towards Ha Long Bay!

Ha Long Bay,  Quảng Ninh Province


Scene #1  

Remember the scene where the helicopters flew in? Those shots were filmed in Ha Long Bay, which is also a  UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Scene #2kong-filmingsite-halongbay5

We arrived at this restricted area but we were given special access.


We were probably thinking what was so special about this place. But everything changed once we disembarked from the speedboat and walked in.


Impressive? This place was so quiet, peaceful and calm.

This was also the place where Kong fought with the octopus monster!


Of course I needed to take a picture with  the gorgeous backdrop.


While the rest were busy taking photos, my friend, Danny Wen from Taiwan was really enjoying himself enjoying the calm.


I like this photo. The boats of different generation.


Here’s the speedboat that took us to the explore the scenes used in the film. What an experience taking a speedboat. I sat in the front seat and the wind really had some fun with my hair!


The sun set and I managed to take some beautiful photos!


Tràng An,  Ninh Bình Province

After leaving Ha Long Bay, we headed to Tràng An in Ninh Bình province. They are famous for their boat cave tours, even before the movie Kong came about.


It was already evening by the time we arrived in Ninh Binh province, so it was sort of a rest day for us. I need to mention that the rooms at Hoang Son Peace Hotel was huge!

Bai Dinh Pagoda


Tourists from Hanoi usually love taking day trips out to province and this is one of the places you should visit!


Bai Dinh is the  biggest pagoda in Vietnam with 500 La Han statues.


You can also find the biggest bronze Buddha statue in Vietnam. They are about 10 meters in height and 100 tons in weight.


Tràng An Scenic Landscape Complex


Enjoying the slow bamboo boat ride entering several caves.


Scene #3

Remember the scene with Kong’s hand print?



Scene #4

The villages! It’s not an actual village but after the filming, they kept everything here in tact for tourism purposes. The “actors” and “actresses” are paid to work here too.


Scene #5

The only way to get out of the island!



This was leftover from the filming too!


Nice shot right? Everybody was smiling happily!


Our lunch was settled at  Tràng An Scenic Landscape Complex where their specialty was the mountain chicken and mountain goat.

Van Long Nature Reserve


Another boat ride? Yes, in order to enjoy the beautiful landscapes.


Van Long Nature Reserve is also known as Ha Long Bay on land. Over here, we can really get closer to the nature and the limestone formations to appreciate its beauty.


Scene #5


There were actually more scenes but due to the peak season, there were some issues with the air tickets and I had to depart a few days earlier and hence missed certain parts of the itinerary!


We hope you enjoyed some of the beautiful scenery we saw when we revisited some of the filming sites of Kong: Skull Island. There are many tour agencies in Vietnam now offering such tours so you can also visit these places just like us!