The most popular Fried Chicken (Gai Tod) in Hua Hin is at Krua Kannikar. You definitely have  to visit this restaurant if you like Chicken. Otherwise, forget about coming here  because they sell nothing but only chickens.


If you do  some research online  on Krua Kannikar, you would have known that they started from humble beginnings since 40 years ago. They started from a cart  and today they are a well established restaurant. I ordered some of their best sellers to try!


Koson Special Fried Chicken [60฿ per piece]  and  Stuffed Chicken Wing  [65฿ per piece]. I especially like their Koson Special Fried Chicken with a very crispy batter and tender chicken meat on the inside. The stuffed chicken wing include things like minced pork and glass vermicelli, seasoned to give a mix of taste and texture in a bite.


Rice Noodle with Chicken Curry  [100฿]. Eat this with caution. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very delicious and it goes well with the rice noodle provided. However, it’s really spicy!


A mix of chilli dip and sweet dip.


This is not a fanciful restaurant but a very humble and traditional restaurant serving up what they are best at – Chicken. Do note that they are located along the stretch near Hua Hin Railway in between Hua Hin Soi 84 and 86 and not 88 which some blog indicated.