Roti or Roti Prata as known by Singaporeans, can be found in many parts of Thailand along the streets. It is also well loved even though it can be found easily in Singapore, because of the sweetness and crispiness, which is unique.

During my stay in Hua Hin, many locals told me about this Roti shop, telling me it’s a MUST TRY!  As I like to go for the best, I squeezed this in even though I was super full from all the eating. And I’m glad, no regrets!

ku-bananaroti2Banana Roti. A favourite combination by many.

Cheese Roti. Oh, look at the cheese!!!

Egg Roti. We are used to eating Egg Prata with Curry, how about with condensed milk?


Another version of Banana Roti.


Look at this! This is very unique to Ku Roti and it’s called Crispy Roti. It’s super crispy but still so nice. Feels totally like eating a biscuit.

ku-crispyroti2Crispy Roti with Condensed Milk

Crispy Roti with  Milo


Over here, don’t just eat Roti. You need something else to go with it. It’s their best seller Thai Milk Tea (Cha Yen), done in Teh Tarik style.


Don’t worry, I did not finish all this myself. It was so good that I brought my friends back on my second trip and they fell in love with it that we came here for 2 nights.


Be prepared to wait for a while for seats because this place is popular with locals!


In Hua Hin, I no longer go for the one at street carts, I go for the best at Ku Roti Cha Chak! :)

[Hua Hin] Ku Roti Cha Chak