KURO Izakaya is a new  Japanese gastrobar located at Suntec City Tower 3. Since our site now covers reviews for Japan, we thought of covering some Japanese eateries in Singapore as well.


Upon receiving  the invitation from the team at KURO Izakaya, I started to look forward to a night of smokey charcoal goodness. At KURO, they use a highly-rated  Kosei Charcoal Grill, featuring both charcoal and infrared  waves,  transmitting heat  directly to the food without drying it.


The bar right in front of me. Lots of Japanese whiskeys but I decided to have their signature draft beer.


Kirin Ichiban Frozen Beer [S$8] – The star is on the top of the beer! The “foam” is actually frozen beer so your mouth is going to get foamy when you drink it.

For starters, we got to choose from 2 different kinds of Tamago. I invited my friend, Gillian along and so I managed to try both! You can check out her post on Dayre!


Onsen Tamago  [S$12] – This version features slow-cooked egg, shiratake noodles, yuzu and wasabi. If you like your eggs to be wet, this will work well for you.


Smoked Ajitsuke Tamago  [S$8] – They dry version features hickory smoked “ramen egg” and hokkaido potato salad. I personally preferred this for the flavours and texture. The potato salad definitely complemented the smoked egg.


Kawa Ebi  [S$12] – Since we had a glass of beer, we had some fried stuff to go along. This is crispy baby shrimp with miso salt and tobiko mayonnaise. You have to eat the whole shrimp without having to peel off anything. I prefer something meaty so my favourite would be the one below…


Tory Karaage  [S$8] – This is one of my favourite Japanese dishees. Even in Japan, I would  go around to search for the best!


Kaki  Yaki  [S$15] – Look at that huge grilled pacific oyster with mentaiko gratinate.  Absolutely no fishy taste at all.

Time for some star dishes!!!


Kurobuta Pork Jowl  [S$16] – This was everybody’s favourite dish of the night! The tender, fatty and slightly charred pork is also marinated in shoyu mirin, giving you that extra tinge of sweetness. I could easily finish this by myself.


Wagyu Beef  [S$38] – Another star dish but this grilled a3 wagyu costs double the pork jowl. If you are willing to splurge, I say go for this too! It comes with momotaro tomato, lava sea salt and fried garlic. Eating this with the beef will give you a very interesting burst of flavours.


Norwegian Salmon  [S$16] – Char grilled salmon marinated with miso mirin! This was slightly on the salty side and would have been better if it was less salty.


Kuro Kushiyaki Platter  [S$36] – It comes with 12 sticks of meaty goodness!


Donburi Miso Buta Yaki  [S$16] – If you don’t think the above dishes are  filling, go for this! This will make a good lunch too.

Time for dessert!


Green Tea Tiramisu  [S$10] – This looked pretty and I just had to choose this. It was not ice cream, it was actually green tea tiramisu. Felt a little cheated as I thought I would be biting into something cold with a ice cream stick in it.


Melon Ice Cream  [S$8] – The melon ice cream fared better since it was refreshing and not overly sweet.

We had a great time trying out the various dishes and I would say that the mains were well executed and all of them were to my liking, especially the Kurobuta Pork Jowl  and  Wagyu Beef. If you are looking for some  authentic Japanese food, you can definitely find them at KURO Izakaya. I would agree that some of the side dishes are priced on the high side but thankfully the mains were more value for money.

[Singapore] KURO Izakaya

This was an invited media tasting. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.