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Kwonsooksoo – A Two Star Michelin Dining Experience

By Jo Ann Kuek

Korea is known for its amazing food, and for foodies who want to experience a combination of traditional and fine dining in Seoul, look no further than Kwonsooksoo.

Kwonsooksoo provides a creative and modern take on Korean cuisine, and was awarded two Michelin stars for its amazing work. The great thing is, you won’t need to break the bank to dine here; the lunch course especially, is super worth it!

We had the lunch tasting menu (66,000 won, about S$81 each) and like most tasting menus, the portions were not huge, but we were very full and satisfied by the end of the meal.


For a start, we were served a welcome drink with an assortment of appetisers.


And then we started with chestnut porridge topped with pinenut foam.


Korean raw beef with Korean osetra caviar. This was such a treat!


Next was fried sea eel with ghost crab sauce.


That was followed by the fish with red peppers and vegetables.


We had a sorbet to cleanse the palate.


For mains, we chose the 40 Day Wet Aged Korean Beef Striploin Steak which melted in our mouths.


The other main we ordered was the pot rice with mushrooms with bansang.


Dessert was pumpkin ice-cream and ginger sherbet.


To end off, we had petit fours with tea.


What was great was not only the food but the service as well. The servers introduced every dish to us and made sure we were happy with the meal.


2 hours flew by and because we were seated in a private dining room, it was quite the experience!


To see the chef at work though, you might want to reserve your seats at the counter. Although the food is exquisite, the environment is mostly casual and relaxed. It was filled with locals, which is always a good sign, isn’t it?

Do note that upon reservation, the restaurant will send you a link to make a 100,000 won deposit. This ensures that there are no last minute cancellations. Your final bill will reflect the deposit.

Please check out for more details. We understand that the restaurant is moving from Gangnam to Cheongdam in June. Please check the website for exact dates of move, details of location and reservation enquiries. paid for food review unless otherwise stated.

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Jo Ann Kuek

Jo Ann Kuek

Whenever Jo Ann Kuek tells people she is going to Bangkok, her friends will always reply, "Again!?” She enjoys looking for pretty things to fill her home, delicious food to fill her tummy and Bangkok is like a never-ending treasure box in that aspect. She loves that Bangkok is always full of surprises. She is also the florist at @bluecoastbackyard, a flower store operating from her backyard!

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