Bangkok is much loved by many because of its amazing cuisine.

What if I tell you that you can now re-create your favourite dishes in your kitchen AND get to do some good at the same time?

Herein comes Courageous Kitchen, set up in 2009 to  provide emergency food and housing for children and families most in need.

When you sign up for cooking classes with Courageous Kitchen, all proceeds go back to helping their recipients who are at risk of malnutrition and poverty.

The group is run by some amazing and passionate people whom you’d get to meet, cook with and have lunch with!

What I really liked about Courageous Kitchen was how flexible they were. I had planned my trip to Bangkok at the very last minute and I was not sure if they had an open slot for me. However, they made adjustments to their schedule which allowed me to attend a class even though my husband and I were the only participants for that morning.

The class started with a tour at a local market, which was an eye-opening experience. We got to see the ingredients that make up the ubiquitous dishes we have come to associate with Bangkok, including the following:

Can you figure out what they are?


Number 1


Number 2


Number 3


Number 4

Here are the answers!
1. Eggplant
2. Ginger fingers
3. Banana blossom
4. Mushroom!

We also got to try some local treats sold at the market.


Kanom Toey; it looked a lot like chwee kueh but it was actually made of coconut milk creme, salt and rice flour. A really good mix of savoury and sweet flavours!


Kanom Krok! The grilled version of Kanom Toey. These were piping hot and so good.

After exploring the market, we walked to the workshop venue and had a nice big glass of iced Thai tea. Nothing better. This was home-brewed, and with a cinammon stick, no less! You will be taught how  to make your own cha yen too!


The lesson was carried out at a pace that was very comfortable. At no point was it overwhelming. People with no cooking experience (like my husband) could also follow what was going on, and he enjoyed himself (and the food) very much too.

We learnt the many secrets behind our favourite Thai dishes that morning.


Preparation platter for Tom Kha Gai, with lots of great advice on brands of sauce or types of spices to buy.


You get to eat what you cook, so try not to have too much for breakfast! In fact, keep your stomach empty so that you can have your fill of your own cooking!


In 2 hours, we prepared and cooked tom kha gai, pad thai, and kad prow.
Recipes are also given so that you can replicate the dishes even after the class.  

It was a really lovely way to spend the morning. You’d learn how to cook, get to eat your favourite dishes and do some good. And all at a very reasonable price too.

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