It is good to learn some basic and simple Thai words and phrases. Although it’s not a must for you to learn, it definitely helps know the language as it helps you to communicate with the locals easily. The basic topics covered are:

  • Greetings
  • Directions
  • Shopping
  • Ordering Food
  • Numbers
  • Colours


Hello  sa wat dee
Goodbye  lah gorn
Please  kor
Thank You  khob khun  
Yes  chai
No  mai chai
Excuse me / sorry  kor toht
I don’t understand  mai kow jai
Why  tam mai
What  arai
Never mind / it’s ok  mai bhen rai
Can  dai
Cant  mai dai
Don’t want  mai ow


Go to MBK (male/female)  bai MBK (krab/ka)
if taxi quotes you price, reject by saying “No”  mai ao
On Meter  chuay  chai  meter
Turn Left  liao  saai
Turn Right  liao  kwaa
Go Straight  dtrong bpai  
Turn Left and Go Straight  liao  saai  leaw-gaw  dtrong bpai
U-turn  glap rot
Stop Here  jort  tii nii
How Much  tao rai


How much is this?  an nii tao rai?
That’s too expensive  paeng bai
Can I have a discount?  lot noi dai mai?
XX baht, possible?  XX dai mai?
Can I have a look?  khor doo dai mai
I’m just taking a look  khor doo thao nun
Do you have something bigger (smaller)?  mee yai (lek) gwar mai
Do you have XX colour?  mee sii XX mai?
Never mind, it’s ok.  mai bhen rai


Ice  naam keng
Hot  ron
Cold  nao
Don’t want spicy  mai ped
Calling waiter  pii (older), nong (younger)
Can I have the bill please  check bin / geb dang
Delicious  aroi


0  soon
1  nueng
2  song
3  saam
4  see
5  har
6  hok
7  jed
8  paed
9  gao
10  sib
11  sib-ed
12  sib-song
20  yee-sib
30  saam-sib
100  nueng-roi
1000  nueng-parn


Colour  sii
White  kaao
Black  dam
Blue  faa
Red  daeng
Pink  chom-puu
Yellow  lueang
Green  kiao
Orange  saed