Leyana Spa offers a loft-style home setting with a garden haven right in the middle of the spa. At Leyana Spa,  visitors will be impressed by  their single and couples massage rooms, steam rooms, jacuzzi and baths and shower facilities. Treatments include massages, scrubs, facials and packages, catering to couples and those who want a calmer state of being.

Leyana Spa - Entrance

The name Leyana is derived from the Latin name of the orchid – Habeneria Lindleyana. Plant extracts, blossoms and natural therapies lie at the heart of the Leyana Spa experience.

Leyana Spa - Interior Leyana Spa - Bael Fruit Tea

You will be served a welcome drink, which is Bael Fruit Tea. Bael is a fruit with lots of health benefits.

Leyana Spa - Bael Fruit Leyana Spa - Massage Tools

The Siamese Salt Pot is one of Leyana’s Signature Massage and they use salt pot as shown. It is basically a mix of thai herbs contained inside the pot.

Leyana Spa - Herb Pot Leyana Spa - Garden

The lush garden where you can chill out and enjoy the greenery.

Leyana Spa - Herbal Sauna

Experience a different kind of sauna with Leyana’s Traditional Herbal-Steam Tent.

Leyana Spa - Treatment Room

Shiro-Flow Organic ”˜Third-Eye Open’ Ayurvedic Ritual  is available in the 180 min “Asian-Blend Ayurvedic Retreat” half-day spa.

Leyana Spa - Treatment Room

This is a single room but if you are coming as a couple, you can opt for the couple’s room.

Leyana Spa - Treatment Room

I tried one of Leyana’s Signature Treatment called ‘Siamese Holiday‘. The salt pot with various Thai Herbs are used and it is almost similar to hot herbal compress and hot stone massage. It is actually a combination of thermal element and aromatherapy. This treatment is good for those who want to unlock stress on particularly tense muscles and enjoy a deep relaxing experience.

This package includes  Foot Cleansing, Aromatic Ginger Body Polish,  Siamese salt pot meridian-line massage therapy, relaxing scalp massage and pressure point face massage with chamomile mist and mineral bath.

Leyana Spa - Dressing Makeup Room

For females, you can even go to the make-up room available after your massage to put on your make-up again.

Leyana Spa - Resting Area

After massage, relax at their lounge and drink some tea.

Leyana Spa - High Tea Set

For certain packages, it includes a complimentary Thai High Tea set and it comes with some Thai sweet snacks.

Leyana Spa - Tuk Tuk

When you are done, hop onto Leyana’s Tuk Tuk which will bring you to BTS Thong Lo and it is complimentary for all guests.

Leyana Spa - Duet

If you are going to Leyana Spa, from BTS Thong Lo, walk along Sukhumvit Soi 55 and you will see this shop called “Duet”. This is the pickup point for the Tuk Tuk to Leyana Spa.

For more information about the spa packages, do visit their website! They have some promotion of about 20% off when you book online. Do check it out! :)

+ Like

Lush garden in the midst of the spa. Their skillful therapist and warm hospitality makes you feel at home.

– Dislike

It’s located right in the middle of the Soi, so I would recommend you to use their complimentary Tuk Tuk service. The spa is beginning to show its age.

= Conclusion

This is one of the well established spas in Bangkok. They have been around for many years and have gained a reputation for themselves with good therapists and signature treatments. Although the spa may not look new and glamorous, it gives you a homely feel and the therapist are still as skillful, giving you a relaxing treatment.