Want to buy some local tidbits and snacks back from Bangkok? There are many places selling it but I like to visit this particular shop in Yaowarat called Lin Zhen Xiang, since I will definitely visit Yaowarat for all the good food when I’m in Bangkok.


Just opposite the famous T&K Seafood, you can see this logo with a pig. And in front of the shop, there’s also a  statue of a pig.


Of course, most of the popular items here are  related to pork. Pork Floss, Coconut Rolls with Pork, Pork Rolls, etc.


If you are not into pork, they also sell preserved food and fruits, sweets, cuttlefish, etc.


One of my favourite is this thin almond slice. It’s so thin and light yet so delicious. And be warned that it’s very addictive.


Want to get some tea? They have lots of choices here too.


Look at the crowd, it’s always crowded. And that’s why the stocks clear fast and what you get is always fresh.

Of course, if you don’t have time to visit Yaowarat, you can get such stuff at MBK too.

Lin Zhen Xiang Yaowarat