The Lit Bangkok - Exterior

The LIT Bangkok Hotel re-defines what a city centre hotel can be. From the exterior, the design already speaks for itself. “LIT” comes from the word “Light” and over here, light plays an important role in creating the calming and soothing atmosphere which is further enhanced at night. During the day, it is illuminated by  natural sunlight.

LIT is located in Soi Kasemsan 1, less than a 5 minute walk from BTS National Stadium. MBK, Siam Discovery, Siam Centre, Siam Paragon and Siam Square are all nearby, reachable within 10 minutes of walking.

The Lit Bangkok - Lobby

Checking-in is personalised and you can do so in comfort by sitting down. Don’t the red seats look comfortable?

The Lit Bangkok - Check in iPad

LIT is indeed high-tech! They use iPad for checking-in. And so after confirming your particulars, you just have to sign on the iPad and you are ready to proceed to your room. You will be escorted to your room and briefed on the facilities of the hotel.

The Lit Bangkok - Computer

While walking to the lift lobby, you will see workstations for your to surf the internet.

The Lit Bangkok - Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine. You can make your own coffee and enjoy it at the lobby.

The Lit Bangkok - HallwayThe Lit Bangkok - Do Not Disturb

This is a multi-purpose key slot. Other than using it to open the door, the “Do Not Disturb” and “Make Up Room” tags are also designed to fit into the slot.

The Lit Bangkok - Foot Massage Cream

One thing to note: All guests will get 10 mins of complimentary foot massage at Kiriya Spa. All you have to do is just bring the cream down to the spa. A very caring hotel indeed!


There are 4 categories in LIT.  I stayed in  Different Degree Room, which is the second category. This hotel is 2 years old and it is definitely very well maintained!

Different Degree Rooms –  Living spaces that confound expectations of what a hotel room can be.  [34-36 Sq. M.]

The Lit Bangkok - Different Degree Room

This category of rooms redefine spaces and it can be seen from the overall design of the room. Did you manage to identify the bathroom?

The Lit Bangkok - Different Degree Room

For the mini-bar, there is a complimentary spending of THB$111 per night. So, you can choose any item you like. Anything exceeding THB$111 will be chargeable.

The Lit Bangkok - Different Degree Room

A small working table.

The Lit Bangkok - Different Degree Room

A wardrobe with 2 openings in the front and back. By now, you should have known that the bathroom is right at the back.

The Lit Bangkok - Different Degree Room

The bathroom is “separated” from the room and with the enclosed space, it gives them more space to play with the design.

The Lit Bangkok - Different Degree Room

Your choice, bath tub or rain shower? The colour makes it a little… romantic?

The Lit Bangkok - Different Degree Room

This is the room at night! I had a good night’s rest! A cosy room with a ultra comfortable soft bed and pillows. I almost could not wake up in the morning for breakfast!

The Lit Bangkok - Different Degree Room

Extra Radiance Rooms – Living spaces discreetly designed to welcome in an abundance of natural light whilst discreetly preserving privacy.  [32 Sq. M]

The LIT Bangkok - Extra RadianceAn interesting fact: You can change the colour of the bathtub to suit your mood!

Full Spectrum Suites – Living spaces that live and breathe light and respond to every spectrum of emotion.  [48 Sq. M.]

The LIT Bangkok - Full Spectrum SuiteThe first thing that drew my attention was the curtain at the bathing area and the lightning. I like to call this the Romantic Room. And I was told that many couples on honeymoon actually booked this room!

Triple Luxe Suites –  Living spaces that understand how an extra guest needs more than just an extra bed.  [52 Sq. M.]

The LIT Bangkok - Triple Luxe SuiteFor those coming with 3 friends or a big family, this room is suitable for you.


The Lit Bangkok - Facilities

If you notice, “jim” is actually gym and “pooh” is actually pool.

The Lit Bangkok - PoolThe Lit Bangkok - Pooh

So, this is how the name “pooh” came about! Looks cute though.

The Lit Bangkok - PoolThe Lit Bangkok - Gym

The gym faces the greenery, something which LIT wants to create. Greenery in a city full of buildings.

The Lit Bangkok - Jacuzzi

The jacuzzi and sauna.

The Lit Bangkok - SaunaThe Lit Bangkok - Tuk Tuk

If you are really so lazy to walk out the the main road, you can take the Tuk Tuk.

The Lit Bangkok - Lobby

At LIT, Lights are turned on at 6pm every evening.

The Lit Bangkok - Sparkling Wine

And for that, they have a mini celebration at the lobby at 6pm sharp. Guests can get to enjoy a glass of white wine!

The Lit Bangkok - Pool

Isn’t it beautiful? The blue and green lights actually help to create a calming atmosphere which is good at night, when you want to sleep.

The Lit Bangkok - Exterior The Lit Bangkok - Exterior

You can even chill out at the Fiesta Steppe (outdoor terrace) over light snacks and cocktails to fully enjoy the night view.

Breakfast @ BCDE (Bistro of Creative Drinking and Eating)

The LIT Bangkok - Breakfast @ BCDE

Breakfast was the usual American Breakfast, with Fried Rice, Fried Kway Teow, Sausages, Ham, Egg, etc.

The LIT Bangkok - Breakfast @ BCDE

Sadly, the pastries here don’t taste as fresh when eaten as it is. Toasting it will do the trick.

The LIT Bangkok - Breakfast @ BCDE The LIT Bangkok - Breakfast @ BCDE

A wide selection of cereal!

The LIT Bangkok - Breakfast @ BCDE

Drinks are served in individual bottles with a wide variety of choices.

The LIT Bangkok - Breakfast @ BCDE

Thankfully, BCDE also serves a Ala-Carte menu and you can order things like Omelette, Egg Benedict or French Toast.

The LIT Bangkok - Breakfast @ BCDE

This is the french toast with waffle. The glazed banana added on is delicious too. Now I can say I had a good breakfast!

+ Like

A city hotel which is different from the rest. Very friendly staff. Located in a good location near BTS and shopping

– Dislike

Couldn’t find anything to fault about the hotel. Only pity was the lack of street food around the hotel vicinity.

= Conclusion

My stay was very pleasant, I love the rooms and the comfortable beds. The fact that there aren’t  as many rooms as compared to other hotel means that there are fewer  guests and hence you have more space, privacy and room to use the facilities.