There are no shortages of seafood in Bangkok and many tourists, in fact, travel around for the good seafood around the region. Today’s recommendation is not your typical cheap seafood restaurant offering local catch. It is the direct opposite actually. If you want to bring your family or clients to something different which will give the “wow” effect, Louis Leeman Seafood might actually work because they serve imported Jumbo-sized live seafood! Their slogan shouts “No Seafood, No Life!”


As you enter the restaurant, you will be greeted by live  seafood which is huge or even mega!



The owner of Louis Leeman Seafood is a huge lover of fishes and hence you get to see lots of aquarium in the restaurant.

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The first thing which attracted us – “Customer is the King!”. They really place customer service as the priority. And yes, they practice what they preach, from the small actions such as wet tissue packets that have been cut open by the staff.  You know how difficult it is to open the wet tissue packets with our dirty hands right?


After being seated, we were being introduced the various drinks available and we were surprised to see the offerings of imported Japanese drinks, which brought a different touch.


Deep Fried Emperor Bun [450฿] – The first dish was already so impressive. Not only was the name impressive, the actual stuff was even more impressive. A mini abalone above the deep fried mantou filled with minced prawns. The mantou itself was light, filled with quality and delicious seafood. You will definitely welcome a second serving but hold on, there’s more coming up.


Kenya Crab with Chilli  [230฿/100g] – This crab was bigger than the famous Sri Lankan crab! Say hello to the Kenyan Crab! This crab was done Thai-style (with chilli, pepper, fish sauce and lime juice). Think of the famous Spicy Lime Steamed Fish, replaced by a mega crab! The crab was sweet and meaty and the flavour was just on point.


Deep Fried Australian Eastern Rock Lobster Wrapped with Noodle in Salted Egg Yolk Sauce  [650฿/100g] –  We thought the crab was the highlight until this was served. The huge lobster meat was wrapped in egg noodle then deep-fried.


IMO, I would have preferred  lesser/thinner noodle on it since the highlight was the lobster.

If you haven’t tried Salted Egg Yolk in Thailand, do note that it is different from those you find in Singapore or Malaysia. The Thai version is slightly drier and less sweet, so you have to set your expectations right.


Tom Yum Soup! This was one of the better version of Tom Yum Soup we had. Since the lobster head was used for this soup, it made the soup so umami! So rich and addictive.


Mantis Shrimp with Salt, Garlic & Pepper  [190฿/100g] – My first time trying mantis shrimp and it was definitely a positive one. Fresh shrimp with delicious ingredients being paired,  it will be good.


Steamed Humpback Grouper with Soy Sauce [250฿/100g] – This was done the Chinese way, very familiar to us.


This Fried Crispy Kway Teow was served with the fish and it was an interesting experience trying this crispy kway teow.


Fried Rice wrapped with Lotus Leaf  [250฿] –  We were stuffed by the time this was served. Thankfully, this was so impressive that we had more than one serving each. The rice was filled with chunks of Chinese sausage, char siew and ginkgo nuts with a hint of the lotus leaf.


We had Cripsy Date Pancakes to end off our meal. Something different from the usual Red Bean Pancake.

As you can see, the food here is not cheap. Louis Leeman Seafood offers you an unique dining experience with their imported jumbo-sized live seafood. It is definitely worth a visit for the experience and delicious seafood.

[Bangkok] Louis Leeman Seafood

This was an invited media tasting. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

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