Loy Nava Dinner Cruise is an option to choose if you prefer to take a dinner cruise which is different from the rest. It’s more private as there’s a limit to how many the dinner cruise can take. Every dinner cruise has a different pick up point.


For Loy Nava Dinner Cruise, it’s at Si Phraya Pier. They have 2 slots, the 6pm (sunset) or 8pm (candlelit dinner).


Be there early, at least 15 minutes before your slot because the boat won’t wait for you. Loy Nava features a luxury antique teakwood rice barge which is over 75 years old. On this dinner cruise, it’s a more private experience and you get to experience Thai food and traditional culture.


Time to board! Loy Nava Dinner Cruise costs 1400 baht per person.  As you can see, it’s not a big boat and it’s really a private affair.


Get to experience Thai traditional culture!


And at the same time, enjoy the views along Chao Phraya River.


I opted for the Thai Traditional Menu but they have Thai Seafood and Thai Vegetarian options too.



The food was nothing to shout about. It features thai food but I would much prefer the food to be hot. As there’s no kitchen on the rice barge, the food is actually prepared before hand and probably heated up before serving.


Long Live The King!


Don’t forget to take photos of the magnificent views!



Thai Tradtional dance to keep you entertained as well.

Loy Nava Dinner Cruise is definitely a different experience compared to those offered by mega cruises. Loy Nava is more about a private experience introducing you to Thai culture and food while cruising along Chao Phraya River. The food didn’t win me over but I did appreciate the quiet atmosphere offered by Loy Nava.

Loy Nava Dinner Cruise