Update: June 2016

Maevaree no longer operates 24 hours and their new operating hours are from 6am – 11pm. Prices have also increased to 130 baht per box.

There are many places in Bangkok selling Mango Sticky Rice. If you are lazy to travel, you can even get it at food courts in major shopping centres, such as Platinum Fashion Mall, MBK and Terminal 21.

For me, I love eating Aroi (Delicious) food with quality. I tried many Mango Sticky Rice around Bangkok, some are good for its sticky rice while some are good for its mango. Hence, I went to hunt down the best Mango Sticky Rice in Bangkok (in my humble opinion).

And the winner goes to  Mae-Varee!

Maevaree - Mango Sticky RiceMaevaree - Mango Sticky RiceMaevaree - Mango Sticky Rice

This shop has been around for about 20 years and they are famous for Mango Sticky Rice. And at Mae-varee, both Mango and Sticky Rice hit the right spot!

The mangoes used are of good quality and gives the right sweetness and juiciness, not those that are plain and sour.

As for the sticky rice, they make use of the best sticky rice and coconut milk from different provinces of Thailand, giving the sticky rice a chewy texture. It is also available in a variety of flavours using natural colours from Thai Flowers, Fruits and Herbs. The flavour consists of Butterfly Pea, Turmeric, Pandan, Green Tea, etc.

Maevaree - Mango Sticky Rice

And this shop is open  24 hours  for you to buy Mangos!  Mango Sticky Rice is only available from 6am – 11pm  and every batch of Mango Sticky Rice is sold out once it is packed. Hence, you can be guaranteed of its freshness.

However, the only bad point is that there are no seats here for you to enjoy the Mango Sticky Rice. You can only do  Take Away  and enjoy it elsewhere.

The price per box is  THB100 130.

How to get there?

Take the BTS to  Thong Lo Station (Exit 3)  and head towards  Sukhumvit Soi 55.

Maevaree - Mango Sticky Rice Thong Lo BTS

Maevaree - Mango Sticky Rice Sukhumvit Soi 55

Mae-Varee serves probably the best mango sticky rice in Bangkok! :)

[Bangkok] Maevaree Mango Sticky Rice