If you are in Asiatique and want to have something different to eat, check out this stall called Mama Monkey. They just started operations this April 2014. Over here, they sell everything Bananas – in both sweet and savoury forms!


But before I introduce you the food, here is a short interview with owners Khun Aoy & Aye on how Mama Monkey came about…

How did the first menu of Mama Monkey came about?  Their children love french fries but due to the fact that it is not healthy snack, they decided to use banana as a replacement since it is a healthy fruit with nutritional value. Hence, Better Fries was born!

How the name Mama Monkey came about?  Mama Monkey is the one who can find the best Banana for her Baby Monkey.

Any expansion plans?  The second outlet will be at Tha Maharaj @Maharaj Pier, which will be opened this coming December.


A nicely decorated outlet is sure to attract you among the other stalls here.


This looks like Liu Sha Donuts  highly  circulated on Instagram recently, but hey, it’s not.  It’s Snow Ball (Sweet Fried Banana) with Condensed Milk [59฿]. Basically, the banana is coated with batter, deep fried and then drizzled with snow icing. You get to choose dip choices such as Condensed Milk, Honey, Chocolate and Strawberry.

In fact, their best seller is actually Better Fries (Salted Banana Fries)  [49฿] with dip choices of  Mayonnaise and Wasabi  Mayonnaise.


If you don’t feel like eating, they also have Mama Smoothies (Banana + Milk Smoothies) [69 – 89฿] for you to drink! They have flavours such as Vanilla, Nutella, Green Tea, Thai Tea, Oreo, Rasberry and Passionfruit.

Below are more of their offerings, fyi.

mamamonkey-menu mamamonkey-menu2

Enjoy your banana treats! :)

Update: They have opened another outlet at Terminal 21 (LG Floor)