Mandarin Hotel Bangkok  is a four-star hotel, established since 1965. It recently underwent a major renovation in 2013. The hotel was totally revamped and is now managed by Centre Point.

Many travellers to Bangkok would probably stay in Pratunam for the convenience of shopping and street food. However, all these may be too much for some travellers who prefer a quiet location but at the same time still require a hotel near to major attractions such as Siam, Silom and Chinatown (Yaowarat). This is a good consideration for you because the hotel  is actually just a 5 minute drive to Siam or Yaowarat (without traffic jam).


A clean and grand welcome at the entrance.


This hotel is actually very spacious.


While waiting for your check-in to be done, you can help yourself to the welcome drink directly opposite the counter.

mandarinhotel-welcomedrink mandarinhotel-lounge

Time to check out the rooms at Mandarin Hotel.


The hallway is spacious but I would actually prefer the flooring to be carpeted because it can be a little noisy if the person is heavy-footed.

Deluxe Room (30sqm)


If you have stayed in hotels managed by Centre Point Group, you will notice a familiar interior with marble floorings. It seems to be the standard configuration for hotels managed by them.


The rooms are spacious and comes with modern fixtures!


There is even a microwave oven in the room. Definitely a favourite for those who need to heat up their food bought from outside.


Safebox and slippers are provided. If you require bath-robes, you will have to request from housekeeping.

And now to one of the PLUS points of this hotel!!!


Automatic / Bidet Toilet Seats! Of the  many hotels I have visited in Bangkok, this is the first time I’m seeing this, so I’m a little excited.


You will also get a rain shower unit and also a spacious bathing area where you can even sit down.


Breakfast Buffet

Breakfast  is served at Rodjana Restaurant and I was simply amazed by the great selection of breakfast here. If I finish everything, I don’t need to have my lunch anymore!

mandarinhotel-breakfast-buffet mandarinhotel-breakfast-food2
My must-have omelette and croissant!

The specialty is boiled rice, have a taste of it for breakfast!

mandarinhotel-breakfast-eggstationChoose how you want your eggs to be prepared!

So many desserts even for breakfast?

mandarinhotel-breakfast-cornflakesCornflakes just makes me feel young!


I was fascinated by the machine producing freshly made pancakes. It churned out hot and soft pancakes!

Krua Luang Restaurant

At Krua Luang Restaurant, they are famous for  their Boiled Rice  (Porridge / Congee) Dinner  Buffet at 350++ baht per pax.


There are over 70 items to choose from and I  personally  think it’s worth the price. Do give it a try if you feel like eating porridge or something  light  after all the feasting.


Don’t forget to end the meal with their Coconut Ice Cream!

Other Facilities

A relatively large swimming pool with many sun-tanning beds.

Well-equipped gym


Let’s Relax Spa, located just below the hotel offering professional massage services. You no longer have to walk out to search for one.

mandarinhotel-withmanager2A group photo with the General Manager and Director of Sales.

Thank you for having me at Mandarin Hotel!