Mango Tree On The River is located at a new community mall called Yodpiman River Walk. It is also the new flagship outlet in Bangkok which will be setting the standard for future Mango Tree outlets around the world.

Before I show you the delicious food, I really recommend you to visit this Mango Tree branch because the experience will be so memorable.


Firstly, you travel in style  to Yodpiman River Walk via Mango Tree’s private boat shuttle from Sathorn Pier.



Taking this private speed boat is so cool! It’s fast and you get to enjoy the cool breeze along the scenic Chao Phraya River. You may occasionally get stares from other boats because of your boat. :p


And here we are at Mango Tree On The River @ Yodpiman River Walk.


If you have the time, do come here for sunset. It’s magnificent.


From Mango Tree On The River, you get the best views of Chao Phraya River. Across, it’s all the major attractions such as Wat Kalayanamitr and Wat Arun. I could not resist taking a good shot here.


Miang Kham [190฿] – A traditional appetiser in one bite which consists of many Thai flavours.  You can find things like toasted peanuts and coconut, ginger, chilli, lime and shrimp paste, all wrapped in bitter leaves. The flavours explode in your mouth, activating all taste senses to get ready for the main dishes.


Grilled Squid in Spicy and Sour Thai Salad (Salad Pla Meuk Yang)  [260฿] –  This is a fusion salad. This has thai style grilled squid with English style salad, infused with thai flavours. Do try if you are a salad person.


Baby Back Ribs with Larb Style Sauce (See Krong Moo Yang Nam Phung)  [420฿] –  This is the BOMB! A definite MUST ORDER! The pork ribs are so soft and tender and the meat rips itself from the bone  when you bite into it. It is covered in Larb dressing which makes this dish so flavourful and addictive. I can come to Mango Tree just for this Ribs with Larb Dressing. Enough of BBQ Pork Ribs already, give me the larb dressing! It’s really that good that I can finish this on my own.


Pad Thai with Shrimps  [230฿]. It is  flavourful with tamarind sauce and definitely tastes authentic. Pad Thai at Mango Tree definitely will not disappoint because it’s one of their signature dishes too.


After your meal, you can head on up to the Pub Level to enjoy some cocktails, and look at  the different beautiful-lit dinner cruises passing by the Chao Phraya River.



The night view is just amazing isn’t it?


If you are looking for a nice and good restaurant to dine with a good view, Mango Tree On The River is a good choice!