Meena Rice Based Cuisine. Everything rice? Let’s check it out!


The area the restaurant is located at is really pretty. The entrance includes a bridge and you can get some  really nice pictures at this restaurant.


As it is set in an outdoor setting, I recommend having lunch here instead of dinner to avoid the flies. They place candles on the table to scare the flies away but it is quite inevitable. The toilet here is also clean and very usable which is a plus point to me.


The table cloth is made by indigo tie dyeing. Their skills are simply amazing.


It was really hot that day and the Fruity Fresh Cold Pressed Juice (65 baht) tasted like heaven. This juice is 100% natural and contains pineapple, apple and passion fruit for brain boosting benefits.


We also tried the Butterfly Pea Herbal Drink (39 baht) and Riceberry Herbal Drink (39 baht).


Pork Mince Salad with Roasted Oats (100 baht) – This makes a really light but tasty starter


Fish Cakes (120 baht) – I  liked the way the fish cake was cooked. It did not taste as bland as fish cake normally tastes like.


Lanna Style Multigrain Chilli Dip (150 baht) – This dish made me feel real healthy. I mostly stuck to the cucumber and carrot though. Dip a generous amount of sauce if you find the vegetables too bland.


Roasted Sticky Rice with Garlic Pork (120 baht) – I did not know what this was at first. We thought it could be scallops or some kind of tofu but we soon found out it was sticky rice. Have you ever eaten rice off a stick? This sure was special. The rice tasted really chewy.


Steamed Fish Curry in Banana Leaf Cups (2 for 120 baht, 4 for 240 baht) – This was my favourite dish at the restaurant. It tastes a little like otah (grilled fish cake).


Deep fried fish fillet with Lemongrass Salad (180 baht) – I preferred the fish on its own instead of with the salad. I really liked the  way they used the cherry tomatoes and passion fruit to decorate this dish.


Pork Ball Soup with Ivy Gourd Leaves and Egg Tofu (120 baht) – This soup was not bad. The egg tofu was nice.


A really unique part of this restaurant is the rice. How often do you see 4 colours and types of rice together? You can customize your own rice to your liking here. The prices are as follows.

Riceberry Rice, 25 baht, 55 baht per pot.

Brown Rice, 25 baht, 55 baht per pot.

Butterfly Pea Rice, 20 baht, 50 baht per pot.

Safflower Rice, 20 baht, 50 baht per pot.

Jasmine Rice, 15 baht, 35 baht per pot.


For dessert, we had Meena’s Fried Ice Cream (95 Baht). There was no picture of this in the menu and I thought it would be the fried ice cream rollies but instead, it was actual ice cream fried with a crust! Eat it quickly though because it melts really fast, obviously.

Meena Rice Based Cuisine restaurant is located near Andaman Indigo Tie Dye and I recommend going to these 2 places together. You can literally walk over. Create your own tie dye masterpiece and come here for a meal while waiting for your tie dye works to dry, which was what we did.

[Chiang Mai] Meena Rice Based Cuisine