Ramen consists of many variations and in Japan, you do get to try the different variations and see which suits your taste. Majority of the ramen comes with thick broth made mainly from pork or chicken. If you prefer ramen with light soup base, you have to check out Menya Kaijin.


Menya Kaijin is located just outside Shinjuku Station (South East Exit). You will most likely see a queue forming outside the shop. They are located on the second level so you can roughly gauge how long the queue is.


You  have to wait till you are called to enter.


Menya Kaijin’s is different because they use fish-based broth. The soup is very light and almost similar to  the soup used in Hong Kong style wanton noodles.

Since they serve fish-based broth, it makes them a muslim-friendly (though not halal-certified) restaurant.

Do note that they also serve fish-cake and chicken-cake in their ramen, so if you do not want the chicken one, you will have to inform them.


Spicy Ramen with “Heshiko Yaki” Rice Ball  [1030 ¥]. You can choose the level of spiciness (Mild, Medium, Hot).

The spicy version of the ramen definitely gives it an extra “kick” since most of the Japanese food are actually non spicy.


The rice ball served is not a side dish, but is for you to put it into your soup after you finish your noodles. Therefore, don’t finish up the soup too soon.

The red paste on top of the rice ball is actually Mackerel-pickled paste so it gives your soup a different flavour when it is mixed in.

Although the ramen here is good, I personally prefer  Tonkotsu style of ramen. This will be a favourite for those who prefer a light fish-based soup stock.

[Tokyo] Menya Kaijin