Mojo Coffee is a cafe from New Zealand with premium grade coffee. It  first  launched in Japan recently in 2012.

The shop I visited this time is located in Waseda station, which is the second branch in Japan.


The loft style interiors are very stylish, and the motto, ‘But first, Coffee’ is very catchy!


The cafe provides a wide variety of menus, from coffee, tea, kids menu, light food to even  beer!



Among all these menus, my favourite one is the NZ style Flat White ( ¥400), which can hardly be found  in any other coffee shops in Japan. The unique thing about Flat White is that it has less foam than latte, thus you can  taste the essence of espresso more.



Another coffee  I would like to recommend is the Mochachino. The perfect balance of coffee and chocolate creates the taste that it’s hard to resist.


Look at this beautiful latte art!

Another fun way to drink Mochachino is to tear the marshmallow (which is given on the  side) into several pieces, put them into your cup, and drink it. The sweet and soft texture of marshmallow makes a great composition with the taste of the drink!

The environment in the cafe is quiet and peaceful, which makes it a wonderful place to go for studying, reading, or to catching up with your friends!

[Tokyo] Mojo Coffee Waseda